Brooklyn, Long Island?

So the other day I was walking around with a friend of mine (from Long Island) and I noticed for the first time there's alot of stuff around Brooklyn that says 'Long Island'.

There's Long Island College Hospital. Long Island Restaurant. Long Island University. I never really picked up on it but it finally dawned on me and I said, 'Hey! What's up with all the Long Island stuff around here... this is Brooklyn.' And he was like, 'Yeah but we're on Long Island...You live on Long Island' I was like, 'We're not on Long Island!' And he was like, 'Dude, Brooklyn and Queens are on Long Island!' I was like, 'What?'

So I ran home and looked at a map to see where I live and sure enough there I was. Right on Long Island.

See that whole island thing? I knew we are sort of connected to Long Island but I thought it was more by bridges. I thought Manhattan was the island.  But there I am in Brooklyn on Long Island. I almost never know where I am but this time it was more for real.

Brooklyn is just on a far tip of it. I realize that we're more a part of New York City than Long Island but I was just sort of stunned to learn that where I live is actually on an island. So I guess technically I live on Long Island? Coolio! That seems weird. Go Islanders? That can't be right! Is that right? I dunno.

Ok this wasn't a particularly interesting what's happening. In fact maybe it was boring and lame. But whatever! That's that with that! And that's where I live!

ok bye!