Thanksgiving Parade Pics

So last night I slept up at my parents house and then headed into the city in the morning to meet my brother and nephews for the parade.

We met at Penn Station. Here's a shot of that.

Green dog in a sweater. I asked the owner if I could take a picture and she got all excited that I wanted to... so did the dog.

Red, Red, Red.

(That was the end of my picture taking for the day. My nephew who was on my shoulders took over from here.)

Empire State Building in BROADWAY FONT

I asked my nephew who climbed the Empire State and he said, 'KING KONG DID!' I was like, 'Right!'

After walking for like 8 back breaking blocks we finally found a spot to stand. Who's that coming around the corner?

It's like Fireman Mel!... or something...

Bye Fireman Mel!

Seemed like a cool spot to be watching the parade.

Super Grover! At this point my back started to get numb or whatever. Kids got it made in parades.

Sometimes the floats were lame.


Then these people started throwing shredded stuff out of the building.... or it was an Enrony office or something.

Mr. Peanut drawing yawns from the crowd.

Pikachu was the number one balloon for both nephews. It's really the one they came to see. I still don't know what the hell Pokemon is.

Mr. Potato Head was done up all sporty with a water bottle a sports watch (other arm).
It was weird because his watch said 11:26 which was the exact time at the time.

Alan Greenspan and Bea Arthur.

Ronald asking the crowd where the parade is.

After clowny clown passed by we headed out. My back was broked and it was time for thanksgiving.

Nephew took a picture from the train window. Not sure what this is but it looks like some dark knight with mittens and flame scythe or something.

And Roscoe waited all day for a turkey leg that would never come.

And that was that!

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

ok bye!