Mysterious Bed Accident

Today I had a whole bunch of stuff to do and was sort of upset about the bunch of stuff I had to do. But I sat down at the computer and got motivated to get started on the bunch of stuff. Then something happened. Totally out of the blue, I guess I must have wandered over to the bed to see what was going on over there or whatever- to make sure everything was ok or something. And then I think I may have actually gotten on top of the bed to check and make sure the mattress was on straight. (My memory is a little hazy here). Then I vaguely remember I got under the blankets to test and make sure they were still working ok or whatever. The blankets seemed to be functioning fine. Then I guess I must have hit my head or something because I got like totally knocked unconscious! Like wham! And I was out! It was a good thing that I was lying in the bed under the covers with my head on the pillows when this happened or it could have been a bad situation!

Anyway, when I woke up it was like three hours later! I couldn't believe I was unconscious for so long! I definitely felt all woozy like I had a concussion or whatever. But when I felt all over my big melon head there was like no bump or anything! Not even a red mark! It was almost as if I didn't hit my head at all! As if while I was checking out the bed I just like... passed out or something. Which I totally would never have done today! Because I had a bunch of stuff to do! And now the bunch of stuff I had to do totally done didn't get do-ed at all!


ok bye!