Chasing Chase*

So the other day I posted something about how I got robbed with the Lebanese Loop thing. The scammers took a bunch of money out of my bank account from an ATM at Treasure Island Casino in Vegas. Anyway, Chase people told me I had to go to my branch and fill out some paperwork and the money would be put back in my account temporarily until they finish investigating the fraud. They said it would take a couple of days to put the money back.

A week later there's no money in there and I need it. Yesterday I get a letter in the mail that said this:

(Note the slogan at the bottom)

I was like, 'What the hell is that supposed to mean?' You performed? You as in me you? Money was taken out of my account! What?

So I called up and asked what the story was --here's how the conversation went:


<ring ring>

Chase Woman: Hello. Chase fraud claims.

Me: Hi! I got this letter and I don't know what it means.

Woman: We investigated and concluded that the money was withdrawn from the ATM-- so we closed the claim.

Me: Ok how do I get my money back?

Woman: We concluded you got the money from the ATM.

Me: What? This money was taken out of Las Vegas? I wasn't in Las Vegas!

Woman: So you're claiming fraud?

Me: Yes! I filled out paperwork and submitted the claim as fraud!

Woman: Well, you filled the wrong paperwork. It wasn't entered as a fraud claim.


So I scrounged around and actually found a copy of the form I filled out.

I read her the title at the top of the first page.


(I felt like Condi at that senate hearing talking bout the Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States memo.)

And I also checked the box that said, 'I still have my ATM card. It has not left my possession but money with withdrawn without my authorization.'

I read this to her and asked her what exactly I did wrong.


Woman: I don't know but you did something wrong. Go to your branch and discuss it.

Me: Wait, I filled out the form correctly! It was entered wrong! Can't the form just be re-entered? I have it in my hands.

Woman: (groan) I guess you can fax it here.

Me: Great, what's your fax number.

Woman: 516 574 6681 but you can't send it until tomorrow morning because we're shutting the fax machine off.

Me: Umm.. Why are you shutting it off?

Woman: Because we're going home. It's 5PM.

Me: You ummm... shut off the fax machine when you go home?

Woman: Yes. You can send it in the morning...


I was gonna go into the whole, 'You're friggin Chase Manhattan Bank! A gazillion dollar business! It's 2005! And you're shutting off the fax machine when you go home?!? Why?! For frucks sake why would you shut it off!? My lord!!! What's wrong with everything? Could it be to save power? What?!?!'

But instead I kept my mouth shut and thanked her for her time. And I faxed it this morning.

I just want my money back and questioning their 'policies' probably wouldn't help...

ok bye!


*Alot of emails came in with bank gripes and secrets and stuff so I started a forum if you wanna post! click HERE!<<