Insecure Flyby*

So this morning I was walking over to dog park and I heard a buzzing noise. I looked up and I saw one of those little prop planes like you see at the beach pulling a banner with an ad for Calvin Klein like it was at the beach. Right over the East River. I'd never seen something like that fly around locally like that. And it got me thinking...

How the hell does some little whatever plane with a friggin ad get flying rights to cruise around New York City nowadays? WTF? Aren't we supposed to be like all worried about planes and stuff? What happened to the rules? Are they still so lax that some yahoo with a banner can take a little plane and fly around Brooklyn to sport a CK ad? Did the prop plane company call up the FAA and say, 'Yeah FAA? We got this like advertisement for Calvin that we wanted to get up in the air around the city? Is that cool?' And was FAA like, 'Yeah that's cool with us. No worries, breh...'

Why is it ok? Why is that allowed? Do they really know who's flying that plane? I know that security is sort of half a joke with like inspecting bags on the subway and peeking in girl's pocketbooks at sporting events. Alot of stuff is for show and I know there's only so much that can be done. But can they at least say NO to the plane flying around with a Calvin Klein banner like its at Jones Beach? WTF? If I was the motivated type I'd write my Congressman (whoever that is) and say, 'Hey! WTF dude? Can you clamp down on the rogue planes dragging advertisements around or what?'

Maybe I'm overreacting and being paranoid but... jeez louise! Seems like a no brainer to just say no to flying ads dagnammit!

ok bye!


Here's an email I got in response to this here posty post:


>From: brianh


>Subject: Insecure Flyby

>Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 21:52:22 -0500


>Hi Todd,

>Maybe I can help you with that insecurity about planes flying around.

>You had a few questions and I'm a FAA part 141 certified private pilot

>and may be able to help. "How the hell does some little whatever plane

>with a friggin ad get flying rights to cruise around New York City nowadays?"

>First of all, most airspace around NYC is controlled airspace (Class B)

>Which means that the pilot must be in contact with control the entire

>time he is within that airspace. It gets a little more complicated

>when you start dealing with altitudes but chances are that if you are

>anywhere near JFK you are in their airspace.


Second of all to fly in

>class B airspace you have to be "invited" by control. Basically you

>radio them in for a clearence asking for permission to enter class B

>airspace and they either say yes or no. It depends on how congested

>they are with the commercial traffic.


Third, the guy flying is most

>likely not a terrorist. If he is getting paid to fly that banner

>around, he is a commercial pilot, which takes many hours of experience

>and knowledge and testing to get. So if he were a terrorist that just

>figured out how to fly up down left and right, he probably wouldn't

>know what to say to control and they would know something was up and fighter jets would be next to him in no time flat.

>Fourth, and again this is depending on congestion, he either had the

>right to fly in and around a certain area or he was being directed

>(vectored) around the city in a flight plan that he filed with a local

>Flight Service Station. So the FSS has all his info, when hes leaving,

>what hes flying, where hes going, what altitude, who he is, how long

>and so on. This information is also audio recorded. Fifth to fly within

>20 Nautical miles of class B he has to have a mode C transponder. This

>is a device that lets people at the radar screen see where he is and if

>he starts deviating from where he is supposed to be he will be

>contacted via radio or if that fails, fighter jets. Also if the pilot

>was being hijacked by a terrorist, there is a code you put in the

>transponder to notify air traffic control. In conclusion let the

>banners fly! most pilots that are just starting out are broke because

>of the huge cost of learning how to fly. The guy is just trying to make

>a few bucks. Also I sent you in a thursday thieve story about me

>stealing a golf cart but it hasn't gotten posted. Should I send it

>again? or was it rejected? Anyway I hoped I helped ease your mind on

>the whole small aircraft flying around thing. If you have any other questions about aviation go ahead and ask. Great stuff on the site!