Morning Strike Theory

Disclaimer: I don't really have a job so I might be a no-job jerk. And I do realize some people (especially the MTA workers) are badly effected by this strike and people are losing work and monay totally and this strike is a real dickmove all around BUT here's what I think:


Ok. The MTA went on strike yesterday after alot of dares and double dares and triple dog dares. The morning of the strike I woke up and tuned into NY1 (local news) and they were covering people walking over the Brooklyn Bridge in the cold to go to work and showing people picking up strangers for rides, (you needed to have 4 people in your car to go over bridges), people sharing cabs and, for the most part, proud new yorkers working around the problem.

Later in the morning, I headed into the city in a car with a friend of mine with Roscoe in the back. We decided that Roscoe could probably count for a person (first time ever although he'd beg to differ) but we needed a 4th so we picked up some chick and gave her a ride over the Brooklyn Bridge. She was happy for the ride and we were happy to help.

And it dawned on me. For all the growling and grumbling that was going on... I think the majority people (strikers not included of course) were actually having a good time with the strike. People were excited and upbeat. Enjoying the shakeup in their daily routine. Bonding over common hardship. Having fun with worry-free hitchhiking and sharing cabs with strangers. Alot of people didn't have to go to work at all and got a free day off! I know this attitude does not apply to everyone totally and I KNOW people are really put out by this but let me finish before you send me rude emails about how I'm a dickfaced cocknose.

In the same way there was real joy from the blackout a few years ago. I sensed real joy in the city the morning of this strike. I think people walking, biking and rollerblading in the cold were feeling somewhat invigorated that they were able to push beyond the city bullshit and work around the problem. All the walking around was creating good energy. Everyone had a new personal story to tell their families when they got home. Everyone had a good excuse for blowing stuff off. A New York problem was national news. Cabbies were appreciated much more than usual. All New Yorkers huddled together to overcome this craziness. And it felt coolio. So that was coolio.

However, when nightfall came and people had to walk home the joy had pretty much drained out of the city. People including me felt gouged by cab drivers charging ten bucks for ten blocks or whatever. People had enough of walking. The cold was colder. We're now in day two and there aren't as many smiles for sure. For people worst affected a second day is terrible for work and money. But I felt some goodness in the air that morning and I stand by it.

(Serious apologies to anyone or any business who really got completely screwed over by this strike and hated reading what I done just wrote. I just look too hard for the bright side sometimes maybe.)

ok bye!


PS. Oh! Here's some pictures I took along the way. Not alot because my batteries done ran out AGAIN!

Strikers drinking coffay and waiting out all the jibberjabbering.

Ay, do you not work here?

Maybe feeling pissed that the mayor and other jerks are blaming the workers for striking. Unions are unions.

These looks said, 'Stop taking pictures of us cocknose with a fluffy dopey dog...' Sorry guys.

The moon was out during the day yesterday. Why does that happen again? Me wish I's payed attention in skool mo.

Hi new squirrel friend! Did you hear about the strike?

We all want our nuts.

Service notice at Union Square. Underground choo-choo no go-go.

MCA circa 1989 walking by another closed station.

This artwork thing was like across the street sort of from the MTA office. It looks like the negotiation I suspect.

ok bye again!


































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