Bunch of Pictures Taken on Christmas Eve Day

Katz's Deli around 2PM. Stopped in with a friend of mine for some pastrami and slaw.

Some brownstone in midtown that somehow is still standing. Not for long it seems.

Da da da da da da daaaaaa! The tree!!

These dudes were from the French Navy I think. But I'm not sure. Actually not sure there is a French Navy...

The windows of Saks Fifth Avenue were super mobbed. I was tempted but couldn't bring myself to dive in there.

Copper copping.

We're off to make some money! The wonderful wizard of... umm... money...

Hey! You wanna see me pull a slice of pizza out of Spongebob's ear? I'll do it for $5.

Ok let's see... ummm... dags... this whole thing is filled with poptarts....

Discount characters. Dora with some sort of lip problem. Downgraded Spongebob and Mr. Not-Incredible-At-All.

Hi kids! I'm Elmo! Wanna see something that will leave a little emotional scar? Ok!

Bam! Check it out, kids! Elmo on the inside! And yeah this costume rides up in the crotch...

People posing for portraitures portriaturing.

Rockefeller Center worker picture taken on the go. Came out kind of coolio maybe so here tis.

I think that's the line to go skating. Not sure if its worth going around in circles.....

Santa sighting!! And see that dude in the beard?

Boom! There he is on the subway. I tried to get a shot of the back of his jacket but I was scared he was gonna beat me up. Not sure if they have rules about pictures.

This dude was sitting across from me. Surveying the lay of the subwayland.

ok bye!