Thanks Y'all For 2005!

I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting my site this year. Last month was the 4 year anniversary of this site and I'm friggin thrilled that everything still seems to be chugging along aok. I'm sort of shocked that I'm able to still sit in this chair and do what I do to get by. I figure knowing me I would have screwed this whole thing up a long time ago and crashed it into a wall. But look at this! 2000 and 6!

So what's in store for this year? Well, the series for Motherload will be done in January and I'll be able to return to my ol' lazy self putting stuff up here whenever I feel like it which is nice. I'm planning on new Laid-Off toons, TMCSs, ABC news stuff, contests and general whateverity. Both MepWars and Mepsteroids will finally be done early in this year too I hope. And maybe something will be in store with in 2006 too! It'll all be refreshingly goodness.

Apologies again to people (mac people in particular) who got frustrated about the Motherload thing. I felt way bad about that weirdness totally. I am working to get approval to be able to put the toons up on my site at some point so anyone who couldn't see em will be able to. The good news is I've bought myself some time and paid down my debt (thanks to comedy central for bailing me out when I needed it most) so I'll be dollar healthy around here to keep things going as I go and not have to succumb to flashy banner ads to make ends meet. I started to get nervous that I'd have to do something completely unsite related to keep things up and running -and now I don't have to which is nice. 

So thanks to everyone for hanging out here through the good times and bad. And thank you for the letters and emails and dollars and for the good vibes and support and everything else. It's amazing to me that in one way or another I've been able to finagle a living off this place. Just being a cartoon guy and writing things. I do count my blessings everyday. All greatly appreciated.

I'm psyched up for 2006 totally.  I still don't really know how I'm gonna make a living in the long run- but I'll keep going as I go and not rock the boat too much. Things have been working out for years by me fumbling around these parts and not planning too much and that's what I plan to do this year. Come what may and see what happens.

So bestest of good vibes to y'all for 2006! Hopefully it'll be a better year for the planet all around.

Thanks for your patience as always...

ok bye!

(and Roscoe and Mep and Elf Up)

PS. Roscoe's 1st birthday is January 18th and I'm planning a webcam surprise party for him. Shh...