The Wire Nest

So I got home from Chuck-E-Cheese a little while ago (headed out to NJ for my nephew's 5th birthday. the pizza was bad. the games were sucky (half were half-broken). the whole place smelled like sweaty booger urine-- but I had a great time anyway!)

Anyway, when I got home I was all energized for some reason and started organizing my computer desk room area place. I got out the fantastik and sprayed everything. Windexed my monitor. Cleaned up all the stray papers. Threw out the old pens. All that. Then I went into the corner to put some stuff away and decided I finally needed to decide to do something about my wire nest.

I dragged it out into the light for y'all to see:

USB cords, stereo cords, phone cords, extension cords, cable cords, random plugs, network cords, anonymous nothing cords, all have been growing into this gross nest for years. Forever tangled together horribly and obsoleted to the max. All I do is add to it. Random cord? Add it to the nest. Never take away. Never throw away. I'm sure a bunch of these are just leftover from some junky electronic thingee that I threw out long ago. It's been years since I tried to wrestle anything free from this nest-- and even then I think it was the wrong one.

This nest is only purpose is waiting for some electronic robot bird to come and lay metal eggs in there that will hatch into horrible red-eyed creatures whose sole function is to screech something awful. So what the hell do I do with this? How many useless beatup phone cords and never-needed red and white stereo wires do I friggin need?! Oh! And another thing! USB SUCKS! How many times do I have to think I'm putting it in backwards and then try it the other way then back the first way back and forth before it finally goes in!? Why can't it just simply click in? Why does there have to be a wrong way with a fruckin slot!? USB jerks!

Uch this nest! I hate it! But I just can't bring myself to just toss the whole thing because deep inside I know there's one cord in there that still has life. That's still needed. And will come in super handy.

And that special cord will make itself known to me on one special day... unfortunately that special day will be the special day after I finally throw this nest away.

ok bye!