Badge Happy Copper

So yesterday I was walking around with Roscoe and we were heading toward an intersection and stuff happened.

I drew out a sketch of the stuff as a reference guide cause this is sort of hard to describe.

The light turned green for the yellow car and it started going. But the orange car went to make a right on red and sort of cut off the yellow car. (You're not allowed to make right on red in new york). They sort of gridlocked each other with neither car going. The lady in the orange car honked her horn and kind of threw her hands up. So the guy in the yellow car gets out all pissed and takes out a badge and holds it up while he stomps over toward the orange car. He was a cop driving around in a regular car and didn't like being beeped at by someone who tried to run a light.

I stopped with Roscoe on the corner to watch. I was psyched to watch some action. Roscoe was psyched to smell a garbage bag.

Anyway, the cop is sort of yelling something at the woman and holding his badge at her windshield. So she goes to back up her car out of the intersection-- but the green car behind her is blocking her from going backwards. So the cop holds his badge toward the green car and it starts backing up so the orange car can back up too.

Then the blue car behind the cop's yellow car starts beeping his horn. They have a green light and the cop's car was blocking traffic. So the cop turns around and stomps over to the blue car holding his badge up and starts yelling something at the guy in the blue car for blowing his horn. But now cars behind the blue car are blowing their horns too because the traffic has stopped and people are getting pissed in general.

Now the cop is now getting mental and he holds up his badge to the whole line of traffic but they keep blowing their horns anyway right in his face. Then this guy on the corner in front of the Rite Aid chimes in and yells, 'C'mon man, you're blocking all the traffic!' So the cop now is like half-crazed and he goes stomping over to the Rite Aid guy with his badge out and starts yelling something at the guy. I can't really hear because all the horns are totally blaring at this point.

The Rite Aid guy seemed to back down or apologize or whatever. And the cop finally walks back to his car- and before he gets in he did one more big badge flash to the horn blaring traffic. Holding the badge up over his head to the cacophony (how bout that SAT word? Booyah!) of horns... which just seemed to increase the volume.

Finally he got in his car, slammed the door and slammed on the gas and sped off. And Roscoe and me headed home. I tried to explain to him on the way back what a 'rookie' is- but Roscoe really isn't interested in anything unless there's food involved at some point.

ok bye!