Mouse in the House

Hi Y'all-

So I'm sitting here at like 1:20AM typing on my computer and screwing around. I sit weird in my chair. I like sitting on one foot and the other foot flat on the chair with my knee up toward my chin- if you can picture it. It's just comfortable for me. 

Anyway, I look down under my Overkill Design desk (awesome) and what do I see. A tiny little brown mouse. I see him and I'm torn between "Hello little friend..." and "What the hell there's a friggin mouse in my apartment! What the hell with the frickin mouse! Ew!" then I'm back to, "Hi little guy..." I decide that I can't just smush him cause that would be mean. And he seemed real fast so I didn't think I could just catch him neither. So I opened my front door and like tried to chase him out to the hallway. But he like doubled back and went under the bookshelves. I yelped like a girl when he doubled back toward me. So I planned a strategy and like barricaded the doorway leading to the rest of the apartment with some boxes and stuff.

Then I got scared cause I was barefoot and I thought he was gonna bite my toe. So I put on some socks. I came back into the room and saw he was back under the desk. And he like looked at me. He looked real cute. Real small and scared. So I slowly took this big book and Wham!! I splatted him into the carpet. It was a big mess. Gross! No just kidding I didn't splat him. We just stared at each other. Then he made break for the barricade and got thru it. Now he's in my apartment somewhere running around and doing stuff. He better not start like doing stuff bad or he's gonna get it.  He's my new pet. My mom is going to be upset when she reads this and not gonna want to come to my apartment now.

I guess I'll have to talk to my landlord tomorrow.  

ok bye


*Someone wrote in about these traps that don't kill mice and you can just let them go outside. That's what I'll do if he turns out to be a bad roommate. Here's one that looks ok.

Here's a poem about mice my mom sent me.

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