Spelling Alot Wrong

I spell 'alot' a-l-o-t. This is apparently not a word- it's two. On this website when I write about stuff I use 'alot' alot. When you have a limited vocabulary alot just works alot. The nonword 'alot' just seems to fit in so many places. But I get alot of email from people telling me that 'alot' is two words. "A lot". But when I spell alot like 'a lot' it looks like a lot like a parking lot or something. Alot just looks right to me spelled that way. People can say well who cares what looks right to you? Alot of stuff might look right -but it's wrong -just like the way you spell 'a lot'.

The thing that surprises me is how much my spelling a lot 'alot' seems to bother people. If alot of people bother to write in to correct me- there must be alot of people out there who get bothered alot by me writing a lot 'alot' but aren't bothered enough to like write in and let me know that it bothers them alot.

But what looks right to you?

"I take naps alot. It helps me stay normal."

"I take naps a lot. It helps me stay normal."

Uh oh... now that I actually wrote them out side by side like that.. The bottom one does look sort of righter. Uh... Now that confuses me alot because a lot always looked right alot. A lot. Uh. I'm just not sure what the hell I'm going to do now.

But in any case the people who get annoyed alot from seeing a lot spelled 'alot'. I do know I do it wrong. I'll try not to do it a lot. I'll try not to do it alot. See that time alot looked right not spelled 'a lot'. I guess when in doubt you got to go with proper english and not personal attachments to nonwords. Maybe I should just avoid using alot... umm... so much.

ok bye!