Pictures for the Week

Hey! This is the 500th What's Happening! Holy macanoli!

Too bad it's just a bunch of semi-lame-o pictures but whatever! 500 of anything is good!!! Umm... I guess not 500 of anything. I mean 500 zits on your butt is not good. Neither are 500 roaches running around your house. And I guess 500 birds pecking at your head is no good neither. There's probably alot of bad 500's...But whatever! This is a 500!

Here be them pics!

They went and ripped up my whole street and made a new street. Not sure why because the old street seemed to work fine. It was way loud for a week.

Short film makers on the street. Couldn't really get a read on the umm...  'vision'.

So these windows had those things growing off them.

Patiently waiting to be stolen...

Coolio old firehouse with foozball going out with the trash.

Traffic on the BQE.

Some kid felt the need to name the trees. This one is a crabapple.

And this one is a callery pear tree.

And this one is umm... Nadage?

Here's my fog/no fog series!

On the walk to dog park I head down 'The Promenade' which overlooks the city. And it was super foggy one day. The city disappeared. (not photoshopped or anything) So I took pictures then went back and went back to the same spot and took more pictures.

It was actually cooler in theory but here they are! It really looked like this so it bugged me out.

No city!



No city!

No bridge!


That's it for now!

ok bye!


PS. If you want Roscoe pics just head to RoscoeCam and take your own. When he's around...