Frustrated Good Samaritan

So I met up with a friend of mine last night and along the way she found a wallet on the street. It had about $100 in it along with like four of credit cards and a drivers license and stuff. The driver's license photo of the guy was a little scary looking so I told her I'd deal with getting the wallet back to him. I went through it and there was no phone number anywhere in there. I called information and his number was unlisted. Doh. So I took the wallet with me back to Brooklyn and this morning I started dealing with it. Uch! I was pissed that he had no phone number in his wallet! But then I looked in my wallet and saw my phone number isn't in my wallet either and was like oh.

Anyway, what to do? No number. I thought about just mailing it off but that doesn't really help the guy if it's gonna take days. He'll cancel all his cards. Plus when I look around my apartment there's actually alot of stuff around here that I need to mail for me. Stuff sitting unmailed for weeks! So if I'm gonna go 7 blocks away to the UPS store and mail this wallet, I'm gonna wanna mail all my stuff too! And that's a whole project.

So I called up one of the credit card companies in his wallet to find out if they could get in touch with the guy. After I dialed the first one, it was annoying because all I wanted to do was burn thru the automated system-- but with credit card companies real live people are like 5 or 6 zeros deep. Each zero was pressed with more force. The first card company transferred me around to three different places before I was dumped off to a busy signal. Nice. So I tried the next card. Capital One.

When I finally got someone on the phone at Capital One,  I told him I found someone's wallet and just want someone over there to get in touch to let him know. He told me to give him the credit card number. So I gave it to him and he left me on hold for five minutes- then got back on the phone to tell me he cancelled the card and that I needed to destroy the card immediately. I was like, "Don't tell me what I need to do! I have nothing to do with this! I just want someone over there to get in touch with the guy!" So he transferred me. I was like uch!

After blasting with zeros through this next system I finally I ended up in the "right" place and gave this woman the credit card number.

She asked for my name.

I was like, 'Look, this is not my card. Here's the deal, I found this guy's wallet. I just want you to get in touch with... '

She was like, 'Sir I see the card has already been cancelled...'

I was like, 'That's fine. I'm looking for you to get in touch with him to let him know I found his wallet. I have his whole wallet. I just don't have a phone number.'

She was like, 'We definitely will let him know and we appreciate your call.'

I was like, 'So you're going to tell him I have his wallet?'

She was like, 'Yes sir...'

I was like, 'How are you going to do that? You don't even know who I am!'

Now she's annoyed and snarky, like I'm a being a dick!!! A dick!! Me! Mr. Nice!

She was like, 'Can I have your name, please.'

I said, 'Todd.'

She's like, 'Do you have a last name, Todd?'


I was like, 'Yes I do.'

She's like, 'Can I have it?'

I was like, 'For what! I'll give you my cellphone number! My name is Todd. Call the guy and tell him I have his wallet...'

She was like, 'Sir... I need your last name, please.'

I was like, 'For what!!!!'

She was like, 'For our records...'

I told her. I was like whatever. And gave her my cell number. Then asked her if she would call the guy right away. She said she would right away. So I asked if I could stay on hold while she called. She got straight out mad at this point like I just totally doubted her 'right away' statement which I definitely did. (DID SHE NOT REALIZE I WAS DOING SOMETHING SUPER NICE?!?!?) She said she would call right away but couldn't put me on hold. I thanked her and hung up.

That was hours and hours ago and the guy hasn't called for his wallet. So now I have two choices:

1. Mail it tomorrow and get busy tonight putting everything I need to mail off along with it.

2. Try another credit card company. Noooo.... Samariscrewed!

ok bye!


Update! I just packed up the things I need to mail and I'm gonna overnight the wallet to him tomorrow and use his money to pay for it! Nice!

UPDATE 2: Here's a message I got from the guy (my cell# was on the overnight envelope.)