Sneaky Sneezey and Scaldy

So this morning I woke up with a little cold so I decided to make some tea instead of coffay. The tea kettle went whistling its head off and poured myself a big steaming mug of tea with honey. It was boiling hot and I filled it up pretty much to the top so I walked step by step carefully across the apartment. Very psyched to just screw around on the net and sip away.

All of a sudden I got hit with a wave of sneeziness. It was like a sneeze sneak attack. Super big sneezes just bum rushed my face. On the first sneeze my hand shook around like crazy spilling boiling tea all down the sides on my gripper hand. I was like, 'Ow! Fruckin! Ow!' The second sneeze came right on its heels, I tried to control everything by stifling it in my face while holding the mug steady with both hands. But the stifled sneeze still caused somewhat of a jolt rumble and the tea spilt over again (now onto my other hand too which was already slightly burned on the palm from gripping the side of the burning hot mug to help hold things steady). I rushed to put the mug down and free up my burnt hands but the third sneeze was faster. But I was pretty ready and didn't spill anything on the third sneeze. I'd already spilt the top quarter out of the mug anyway so that probably helped.

After I felt all the sneezes had left the building I picked up the mug and continued my walk across the apartment then I sat down at my computer. Kinda grumpy about typing with red slightly scalded hands (no major burns. no worries). But dagnammfrigfrannammit! Sometimes just going from A to B isn't easy... especially when it involves T!

Get it?!?!?!! T?

Ok that was dumb.... but so was sneezing my head off while walking with boiling tea but that didn't stop me neither.

ok bye!