Blizzard Pics

I finally got a camera to replace the camera I done losted a couple weeks ago (I'm sure the old one will somehow turn up now)! Anyway, I took lots of pictures!

I got the camera at Radio Shack and started taking pictures right away! And kept taking em until I got home.

Here they be!

There's Roscoe in Radio Shack. He seemed generally disinterested in the store. Absolutely nothing was edible.

The Radio Shack people thought I was mental because I bought a camera, opened the box, put it together and started taking pictures of my dog in the store.

Here's Roscoe outside the Radio Shack. I was testing out the camera at this point trying to figure out how the flash works and stuff.

Then we headed down the street.

We walked by the pet store. Roscoe wanted to go in but I didn't... so we didn't....because I'm the boss.

Here's a shot of the street all snowed up and stuff.

Here's Roscoe doing one of his snowbank romps.

Here seemed to like standing in deep snow.  I think he saw another dog approaching.

Sometimes the snow got too deep and stuff.

The tracks of a romp.

Here he's peeing. Lift your leg, dopey!!

Then I decided I was gonna stop by a local place (that allows dogs) and get a beer. I picked up a newspaper on the way.

I passed a schoolyard on the way there. Here's a good idea of how much snow came down today.

Here's the bar that lets Roscoe-type patrons inside. It's called the Brooklyn Inn. It's been there since the 1800's.

But it was too crowded and Roscoe could of got stepped on so we left.

But I took some artsy pictures on the way home..

A tree grows in Brooklyn.

Dark artsy!

Hydrant and dumpster having a conversation.

Mailboxes up to no good but playing it off like nothing's going on.

Roscoe blur! Motel Artsy!

Poor man's Christo.

Rootsy viney!

Subway lampsicles!

And here's my 'Stand under a tree and take a picture Up' series:

I call this one 'Rave Dancer in the Zone

I call this one 'Lightning Umbrella'

I call this one 'The Menacing Monster'

I call this one 'Go Long! Hail Mary!'

I call this one 'Break Dance Head Spinner'

Ok that's it! Home! There's my snowy boots. (and my old shower curtain ready to go into the trash)

Good vibes to y'all!