Medium is the New Medium Rare

Ok. When I order a burger or steak, I like it done medium. I used to think I liked medium rare because it seemed cooler or more manly or whatever- but in my heart I'm a medium kind of guy.

Medium seems in the safe zone for burning out ecoli and mad cow and there's no 'fleshy' texture chewy or whatever that sometimes grosses me out. Sure it might be more manly to order a steak or burger all rare or medium rare, but I don't like blood all over my plate! I don't like seeing gross red liquid aka blood! I'm still scarred from the scene in Red Dawn where the guy drank the fresh deer blood out of the tin cup! In fact, sometimes I like things well done! Friggin charred up burnt! Covered A-1 with ketchup on the side! Crispy! Chomp!

But here's what I've noticed, when I used to order things medium rare, they'd never really come out medium rare. They come out pretty much rare. And when I order stuff medium it seems to always come out sort of medium rare! Like when's the last time you ordered something medium rare and it wasn't way closer to the rare side rather than the medium side?

I'm not sure when things changed where everything shifted down a notch (I really might be alone in this rant I know) but all I know I ordered a steak at some place not too long ago cooked medium rare and it came out friggin all red and gross undercooked and slathered with mad ecoli sauce! (Yeah, I'm too embarrassed to ask them to cook it more because I have a fear of loogies and/or feeling like a jerk (like a jerk)!

Maybe I'm wrong and maybe it's just me but I'm saying if you like stuff medium rare order it up medium! And if you want medium, ask for well done...And if you want 'well done' done well- just tell em to friggin burn it.

Things have shifted I know it! (even if its only in my head!)

ok bye!


PS. No I haven't eaten pork since I said I was stopping. Pigs are nice.