I Like Gorilla

The other day I went to the Bronx Zoo. I took the 5 train up to the Bronx with a friend of mine and we went zooing. The Zoo is most excellent. I saw a snake necked turtle.  And I saw this giant thing called an Okapi. And elephants and stuff.

But the best thing at the zoo was the Gorillas. They had these lowland gorillas and they had lots of em. At the Bronx Zoo they have lots of room to run around and stuff so you don't feel too bad for them being all in the zoo and stuff. I haven't seen a gorilla up close in a very long time (unless I count myself when I look in the mirror naked. I'm kind of hairy.) The gorillas look real smart and friendly. But there was this one gorilla who was sitting up on like a perch very close to the glass. He was looking at all of us. Looking at us like we were all crazy to be looking at him. Occasionally he would wave at us and everyone would go nuts. He would actually wave. People would wave back like crazy and he'd give he'd look around like totally whatevering all of us. He was a total superstar. You couldn't take your eyes off this one gorilla. He had a big pot belly and looked all proud of it.

It made me want to have a gorilla in my apartment to hang out with. We could sit in my poof chair together and me and gorilla would keep our hands on our bellies and watch E! I'd give gorilla a look sometimes and be like, 'What's up?' and he'd give me a look back like, 'Nothing. Chillin.' We watch the new Christina Aguilera video and give each other looks like, 'Look at Christina now. What's up with her?' Then we would flip back to watching E! I would give gorilla Cool Ranch Doritos. Gorilla would insist on watching Dr. Phil. I would go outside and get bugs and put them on me so gorilla could pick them off me and eat them. Gorilla would nap on the couch. If I had my headphones on and someone buzzed the door, gorilla would tap me on the shoulder to let me know someone was at the door. Gorilla would hope it was UPS. Me and gorilla would go up on the roof and drink banana milk shakes. Gorilla would give me looks like I spend too much time on the computer. Gorilla would be gentle with my hermit crabs.  A gorilla would make a great friend unless gorilla would go mental and hit me. Gorilla could probably beat me up. But I don't think he would. 

ok bye!