Geek Gloves: Patent Not Pending

So about a month ago I got what I thought was a super brilliant idea. I was walking around in the cold and I realized in just five minutes I took my gloves on and off like three times. One time to mess with my mp3 player. One time to open a dog poop bag. One time to get my ATM card out of my wallet. The gloves came on and off and on and off and it was a pain. I realized I only needed two fingers max to do that stuff. Not my whole free hand.

And that's when I got the million dollar idea! I went home and did this.

Check it out:

I cut two slits in the forefinger and thumb of my gloves. (IKEA scissors coming in handy... so to speak.)

When I put the glove on it looks like this. Yeah it lets a little air in when its cold out but nothing serious. (They can make better slits or whatever)

But when I want to do something with my fingers I just pull up the top of the finger on the glove and pop my finger or thumb out. Pop pop!

Easy access! I'm free to go about my geeky activity of cellphone texting, or mp3 playering, or digging in my wallet or pocket, or opening a doggie bag, or going for my keys, PSPs, ATMs, tying a shoe... whatever!!! Without freezing my hand or having to hold my glove!

The more I used my gloves the more I realized I really enjoyed having access to my fingers! It really is convenient! I got excited and started scoping around to see if my idea was out there already.

I saw some fingerless gloves. I found mittens where the top sort of pops off giving access to fingers. I surfed all over the net but I didn't find any slits in any gloves... anywhere.

I was convinced I was a millionaire. This was the big one.

I named my invention: Geek Gloves!