Tai Chi Dick?

So today I was walking to dog park and most mornings walk through this small park and pass by this peaceful Tai-Chi guy. (I wrote about him a while ago here.) Anyway, today I saw something weird. There was a second tai-chi guy doing moves along with regular Tai-Chi guy. At first I was like, 'Oh cool! Look! Tai-Chi guy found a Tai-Chi friend to do Tai-Chi together.' So I stopped to watch them a little while Roscoe sniffed the dirt (taking in whatever kind of information that strikes him as canine critical info who the hell knows.)

As I watched them it looked a little weird because they weren't in sync at all. It looked off and strange because they were doing completely different moves. And they weren't exactly side by side. It seemed the new guy was sort of out in front of regular Tai-Chi guy a little bit. In his line of vision. And I started to wonder if these guys really knew each other at all? Morning after morning I see regular Tai-Chi guy doing stuff by himself in this small park. Was it possible that all of a sudden some other tai-chi guy showed up and stared doing his own moves right in front of regular Tai-Chi guy? Why would regular Tai-Chi guy want that? Why would the other guy?

Like I realize tai-chi is all about sort of ignoring all distractions and getting your personal rhythm in sync with the vibrations of the universe... or something- so nothing should get on your nerves during the exercise. But if I was a tai-chi guy and some tai-chi dick showed up in my spot in my park and started doing tai-chi right in front of me it would make me friggin way piss me off! There's a gazillion places to do tai-chi! Why would this guy need to set up tai-chi shop right there? I really hoped they were friends-- but if they are why wouldn't they be in side by side? I would think having someone tai-chiing in front of you would be as annoying as someone diving into a pool and swimming laps in your lane when all other lanes are wide open.

As I watched them I secretly hoped regular Tai-Chi guy would get pissed off enough to go up to the new Tai-Chi dick guy and tai-chia attack him with slow motion tai-chi karate moves. Totally with the slow-mo hand blocks and everything! And kick his tai-chi dick ass in true tai-chi style!

Now that would totally be fight sight to see!

ok bye!