Drive-By Guerilla Marketing?

So yesterday I was walking down the street with Roscoe singing along out loud with my mp3 player (annoying everyone i'm sure) when this guy in a white station wagon speeds up next to me and like jams on the brakes and starts talking at me. I can't hear because of the headphones but he seems like he's in a crazy hurry. I figure he wants directions or something. I rip the headphones off my head and the conversation goes like this:

Guy: Hey! Your dog bite in the same area?

Me: What?!

Guy: Y'know does he bite at himself in the same spot over and over?

Me: Ummm... No not really.

Guy: You should keep an eye on that. Dogs with long fur have hot spots sometimes.

Me: Hot spots?

Guy: You don't know hot spots?

Me: No.

Guy: Dogs get irritated under the skin. You look under the fur in the spot where he's biting at and you'll see red spots. Get a comb and get in there.

Me: Ok I'll keep an eye out for that...

Guy: They'll just keep biting at that one spot. Makes dogs crazy.

Me: I bet.

Guy: If you find hot spots get this stuff called Halo Dream Coat...

Me: Halo Dream Coat?

Guy: You can get it at the pet store. It's great for fixing hot spots. Really works! Dream Coat!

Todd: Oh ok. Thanks for the tip.

Guy: Ok...

Then the guy literally like speeds off and goes around a corner. I was like, 'What the hell was that?!' (Roscoe had no clue either but that's always). We were just walking along singing and minding our own business. It wasn't like Roscoe was biting at himself on the street. What was with that guy? Maybe he just fixed his own dog and is spreading the word as a nice guy or...

...was it possible that he was driving around town looking for long-haired dog owners to promote the product Halo Dream Coat? That this was some sort of crazy drive-by guerilla marketing campaign. I've heard about these sort of 'on the street' people plants who try to start "grassroot" campaigns by talking up a product to strangers all casually. But this thing seemed very specific and very aggressive. He really like slammed on the brakes. Maybe it works tho. I mean if Roscoe ever got a hot spot I'd buy the dream coat stuff for sure now.

But if that type of advertising works, what's next? People pulling up in cars and assaulting us with messages, 'Hey man! I noticed you got zits on your face! Got get some new stridex face scrub and stop looking pizza!' And then speeding off. Or how bout pulling up and yelling, 'Hey you! Diet Vanilla Coke is only one calorie! Lose your gut with new Diet Vanilla!' Then speeding off. Or how bout drive-by free samples? Like you're walking along and all of a sudden someone yells, 'Delicious Mott's Cinnamon Apple Sauce! Coming atcha!' And you get hit with a splut of flying apple sauce all over your shoes-- and you see some van speed around a corner...

I dunno. Anyway, might as well pass the word on Halo in case your dog is biting at one spot. Here tis. (no this isn't a paid advertisement)

ok bye!