Cleaned Up Like Crazy

So my apartment was getting kind of gross. Not like filthy but just messy. Dishes in the sink. My shower was grody. Clothes everywhere. I haven't vacuumed in a long time. My sheets and pillowcases need to be changed (how often are you supposed to do that anyway?). Basically I needed to scrub everything and yesterday I did.

I cleaned my kitchen and kitchen floor. Did the dishes and put them away. Cleaned out the fridge and wiped down shelves. I bought this mildew spray for my shower that you just spray and leave on and it totally worked! I cleaned the mirror and the toilet and the floor. Then I went into the other room and cleaned off the table with Pledge and put everything away. Then I took everything down off my closet shelves and refolded them and put them back up. I cleaned the screen on my TV with windex and did all the windows. Then I stripped my bed down and changed the sheets.  I sprayed down the windowsills and cleaned off all the gunk and then vacuumed everywhere. I was nuts with the cleaning. I couldn't stop.

Then I bought alot of stuff for my hermit crabs (sand, new shells, coral and stuff) and fixed up their place totally too. They were psyched. My friend Claire gave me a book on how to properly take care of hermit crabs and I fixed all the things I was doing wrong. They're much happier now.

After that I got my bills and papers together and went through it all and got organized. Totally overdue big time.

Then I took a super long shower and shaved and brushed my teeth in there and gargled and washed up totally. It was most excellent shower and it was the first time my shower wasn't all gross with the mildew.

It's been so long since I did the full on clean and I was so happy to be in the zone like that. It's the best thing if you're ever feeling like you need a pick-me-up. Just put yourself in the zone and go on an obsessive cleaning binge.  Granted I'm sure by the end of the week I'll be disorganized again and the dishes will pile up in the sink and I'll lose something important. But today is a good day. It's a clean day. I'm clean. The crabs are clean. My place is clean. My head feels clean. In fact I got a razor cut yesterday so I'm kind of looking like Mr. Clean too. Except for the gut. Mr. Clean didn't have a gut.

ok bye!


By the way. This stuff is awesome..