Vicarious Bad Haircut

So earlier this week Roscoe got a haircut. He's usually pretty shaggy and I kind of like that but now that the weather is getting warmer I decided he could go for a little trim (and get a good bath). I took him into the groomer place and the groomer guy asked what I'd like done and I told him to cut like 1/3rd of his hair and whatever. They took him into the backroom and he looked back at me like, 'Wherem I goin, dad?' I was like, 'Laters!' And I wandered around and did errands and stuff.

A few hours later I go to pick up Roscoe and they bring him out of the backroom. The first thing I noticed was how light his fur was. It sort of bugged me out because I didn't realize how dirty he really was. He was two shades lighter easy. But the second thing I noticed was that they cut off much more hair than I expected. I sort of thought it was gonna just look trimmed and slightly shorter. Instead it seemed real short. Except on top of his head which was still long and boofie. But the back of his head was short. So he looked like he had this big puff ball from the front but in the back it was a high-top fade. And everything else was so short that he just looked bigger and extra leggy. A big dork.

Maybe it was because I wasn't used to him having a haircut or whatever but he just looked plain goofy. When we walked home from the place I noticed that he wasn't getting as many looks as he usually gets from people. Even a couple little kids walked by him without giving him a second look. I was afraid that other dogs would mock him a dog park and he'd get in fights. Friends of mine stopped by and they agreed he looked dorkish.

There was a side of me that was like, 'Dude, you gotta calm down! It's a dopey dog! He doesn't know from bad haircuts! You realllly shouldn't be getting upset at all over something like this, mr. unmanly unman.' But then there was a side of me that was mad at the groomer guy! I asked for 1/3rd off! He took at least 2/3rds off! What part of 1/3rd did he not understand?! (Unless it was the part that I might have implied that I wanted 1/3rd of the hair left... or something. Not sure if I was exactly specific there...)

Whatever! The thing that I realized was I guess I was out of practice in dealing with this sort of thing. Being baldy, my own hair sort of 'went away' like years and years ago and I guess this was the first time in a long time I've had any sort of 'bad haircut' experience. So maybe when push comes to shove I was just glomming onto feeling normal again in the haircut world and getting a dose of hair nostalgia.

I'd post 'bad haircut' pictures of Roscoe but any picture I take he actually looks totally fine -- so I guess this is all in my head... or ummm... not.

ok bye!