Meeting Crazy Joe on the Subway

So I took the subway yesterday to go get the odd todd mail at the PO box and on the way back this blind guy got on the train and stood in front of me and the woman I was sitting next to. He seemed very drunk and angry. He started to rant about how he just got kicked out of a bar and jammed his walking stick right down onto my big toe. I was wearing flip flops so it hurt. After I said, 'Ow.' He put his fist in my face and said, 'Do you have a f**kin problem with that?' (like all deniro-ey. i swearswear  i'm not making this up.) I told him I didn't- and went back to reading my new Stephen King book. Even though I did have a problem with it because my toe hurt. Then he started fiddling with his fly and the woman I was sitting next to said, 'Leave it inside. Don't take it out.' Like all matter of fact. So he laughed and left it inside. A little gift to us all. 

Then the woman got off at the next stop and the blind guy took the seat next to me.  He had a bad tattoo on his arm that said 'crazy joe' (i swear).  He started mumbling a bit then he launched into a tirade going on and on talking racist stuff about f*in jews and f*in blacks Really loud. He used all the worst words and started drawing attention from people in the subway car. People kind of looked at me like, 'Is he with you?' I just kept my head down in my book and ignored him.

Then he stood up and started making lewd remarks to this other woman who was standing next to us.  I got scared that I was going to have to fight a blind guy if he tried to touch her or whatever. I felt like he was my responsibility because I was sitting next to him and I'm a 'guy'. So I stood up all tall. It's weird how things can happen. One minute I have my head in my Stephen King book reading about this new 'killer' Buick. The next I'm standing up trying to look tough wondering how to deal with fighting a blind guy. Grab his arm and spin into half-nelson? Choke hold? I don't know how to do stuff like that! I haven't been properly trained! I don't even own a can of whoopass- let alone know how to open it up! 

Luckily this guy came over who was bigger than me and stood like 6 inches from the guy and just stared at him. Crazy Joe put his hand on the guys chest and asked him if he had a f*in problem and the big guy told him he did. He told him HE was his problem. Crazy Joe then sat down. The big guy totally took control over the situation so I stood behind him and 'got his back'. Luckily we reached my stop and I got off. Was happy to do so. It was totally sad to see a guy in that state all drunk and blind and angry but maybe he was just having a bad day.

So thank you to the big guy on the subway. He saved me from embarrassing myself by attempting a half hearted half-nelson and most likely ending up with a elbow smash in my face from a blind guy. 

Sometimes you just can't get to where you're going without something happening.

ok bye!