Rainy Day Painting

So the other day the RoscoeCam was pointed in my bedroom and someone saw the painting on my bedroom wall and emailed asking about it-- so I figure I'd tell the story here. So here ya go:

A while ago I was walking down the street in the city. It was pouring rain. I headed toward a big scaffolding to walk under it and get out of the downpour. Under the scaffolding sitting on a crate on the sidewalk was this guy painting a picture. He was an asian guy and he seemed super into it. So I watched him paint for a while and the painting looked kind of coolio. He was painting all fast so it was fun to watch. He didn't speak much english but we started talking and he was telling me about his work. He loved painting. He handed me an old newspaper article about him from years ago with his picture in it. It was about street artists. I handed it back.

He was going along with the painting pretty fast and I liked how it was coming out. It was also framed in cardboard which I thought looked coolio too- so I asked how much it was.  He told me $40. That seemed fair enough. I've spent $40 on beer in a friggin bar. So I bought it. He finished the finishing touches and told me that he always hides his signature in his paintings. His name was either Tosh or Torck or Tadokoro or something.

He was all excited about the fact that his name was hidden in there (more than once). If you wanna hunt for it and look at it here ya go!

(Plus union rally pics!)

ok bye!