Pentagon Paranoia Parade

Ok I know this is might make me sound like a loony conspiracy theory kind of guy (and that this is totally old news. especially on the net.) But this weekend I spent alot of time googling around about the Pentagon attack on 9/11. And although I'm not going to spin my wheels on it too much. There is some definite super weird stuff about what happened there on that day-- and it just isn't easy to shake off. It's been bothering me for years now. From day one, the Pentagon attack always seemed like some 'other' kind of attack and something smelled weird about it right off the bat. And the more I look at it... the more I get creeped out.

From the get-go I remember being amazed that someone was able to slam a whole giant plane into something that's only four stories high. The towers seemed easy to hit. But a low building on the ground? You'd think the guy woulda hit too soon or overshot it or something. But it was sort of a way lucky direct hit that caused (all things considered) not alot of damage. (I don't mean to be light about real loss of life.)

And I always thought it was weird that there was no good video of the crash. Not one clip? I mean, 'Where were the cameras on the outside of building? And with all the tourists running around, where was the one snapshot of a plane flying super low over Washington? And where were the stunned eyewitnesses?'

And biggestly, where was all the destruction? Seriously, where was all the plane wreckage? In real life. Like no tail? No wings snapping off? No giant engines? No seats?'

I heard about the various conspiracies but I never really bought in on them because they just seemed ridiculous. I mean, if it wasn't a plane? Then what? The only other explanation is that it was a missile or small plane that hit the Pentagon. Then they covered it up. Umm.. that seems sort of unlikely and its a leap that's way too far for me to really go for. On top of it, if something 'else' really did happen... what happened to the real plane and passengers? Frankly, it seems like too ambitious a plan for our shadow government lunkheads to pull off.

So I sort of been rolling my eyes at it like whatever this is probably goonball JFK crap for years. But the more I look at it the more I'm like, 'Ok seriously, all joking around... umm... where's da f'in plane?' I know I sound like a bangwagonning late to the party type of loon... but...

Look at this. And check out this. This.

Watch this (short version) or this (long version / worth watching too)

Then again... this.

And post here if you wanna...

Ok whatever! On to Building 7!

ok bye!


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