Umbrella Payback

So I would say on average I probably go through six umbrellas a year. Ranging from big golf umbrella down to cheapy $3 (negotiated down from $5) off the street in a rainstorm. Which are close to disposable at this point. I lose umbrellas. Big ones. Little small ones. Pricey ones. Whatever. They all go away at some point. Left in restaurants or on subways or friends borrow them or they break or whatever. It's something that I've learned to live with and accept about myself.

This problem is more of a pain now that I have a dog because this past week it's been raining on and off here and twice I had to go out without an umbrella to walk Roscoe. Twice I got drenched until I went to the discount store and bought one for $7.99. I hate it already. The button sticks and I have to wrestle it open.

Anyway, the other night I got in a cab and I look over and see someone left an umbrella behind. This umbrella:

I thought about telling the cab driver that someone left an umbrella behind but then I rethought that and tried to imagine the chances of this umbrella owner being reunited with their lost umbrella. I mean what would that person do. Call a cab company and say have you found an umbrella? There's like no chance! Then I got angry about my umbrella situation this week. My brand new sucky umbrella and all the umbrella carnage over the years. I decided that I was going to take this umbrella. It looked like it might be a nice one too. With some sort of watercolor pattern on it. It was time for me to win one for once because right now the score is Umbrellas-56, Me-0! Now me 1!

It wasn't raining when I got out of the cab and I took it home and left it by the door. Yesterday I had to walk Roscoe and it was raining out. I was psyched! I remembered my new umbrella. I grabbed it and headed down stairs and proudly opened it up into the pouring rain. And what did I see?