Top Secret Announcement All Unsecretitized!

OK! Secret announcement time! Finally!

So I know this is going to sound a little weird or whatever and it's weird for me to say or even write...

...BUT PARAMOUNT PICTURES is interested in MaYBE doing a FEATURE FILM based around an unemployed character in a blue robe!!! (sounds sort of familiar, right?)!

So they asked for a mov-ay script to get all written up! Weird, right?? I know, right! Totally! I couldn't talk about it before because it wasn't all "official" and all that but now that it's official... I'm allowed to blab! (If I've seemed distracted or extra lazy over the past few months this be why). Anyway, the first draft of this script is now done and done! Which is a relief! Coolio.... and phew! (I found out it actually is really hard to write like a whole movie.)

Blah blah. The basic story is unemployed guy locks himself out of his apartment in his robe and he sort of wanders around the city all day long trying to get back in. And some funny stuff happens to him along the way. And he does some things. Then some weird stuff goes down. Then some guy is a total dick! Then some boobs bouncy bounce and snacky munchy munch. Then Elf Up says hi. Then a fun, nice weirdo girl shows up and she's cute! Then Mep tries to conquer the entire  universe!! Then some supposedly funny stuff happens. And then more things. And other people say things. And Roscoe barks. Then some good stuff happens and it all wraps up before it gets all boring and stupid... hopefully.

So WTF!!!?? Does this mean it's gonna be like a movie in the movie theater and stuff?! That's the idea. But realistically? Probably not. I get the feeling this is one step of like 10,000 before it would be like a movie movie. It's just a script they want to see first. I don't really know how it works beyond that but I'll keep you informed on stuff as it goes. Basically Paramount people (who are really cool and excellent totally by the way) will look at it and decide if they want to do something more with it and go forwardish ... or more likely.... they'll just donate the script to some film school for use as a classic "Don't" lesson.

Wait! Does this mean I'm a big fancy rich hollywood mogul guy now!? Actually nay to that too. I found out the way it works is if they make this movie AND it's a big smash summer blockbuster AND then they actually make a sequel AND that movie is also a big smash summer blockbuster too AND THEN I write a really cool horror movie (making a horror movie has been a lifelong dream) and THAT movie is a big smash summer blockbuster too THEN I might be able to buy some coolio stuff like a helicopter submarine car with laser blasters! But for now it totally helped me pay some back credit card bills and is keeping the lights on and the site on and food in Roscoe's bowl and keeping me from panic attacks.

The extra good news is I'm off the distraction train and freed up to work away for stuff for this website (that I love as much as ever. which is richnicity totally) And some freelance things-- and waiting to see what comes next come what may. Working on this script it sort of sopped up my cranialicity for the past bunch of months. (I kinda can only do one thing at a time. walking and chewing gum is one too many) so now I'm psyched to hunker down inside with Roscoe and finally try to get caught up on everything. Gonna work on some overdue toonages and game-ages and do what I always do.... and take too long to do it.

Lookee! It's all officially all newsified!

Bestest of good vibes to all y'all as always...

ok bye!


PS. Btw Roscoe has an irritating sore on his foot and the vet told me I need to soak his paw in epson salts twice a day. He doesn't like that and we've been fighting all day.