Pictures for the Week

Hey! I know I'm way overdue on pictures so here's a bunch from yesteday me walking around yesterday in Central Park with Roscoe!
(Plus a video! I'll start to try and do a video of the week with this stuff for now on...)

Here's the local wizard. He was considering casting a spell on the water called 'Aquago Prima' which conjures the angry whirlwind water creature.. but he generously kept the spell to himself and just enjoyed the sun.

This magician guy did an amazing levitation trick. It was sort of freaky. He stayed just like that for over a minute. Above him only sky... Weird, right?

Then I wandered over toward the music. Some orchestra was rehearsing.

They sounded pretty good but they kept stopping to discuss things.

She was the one front and center.

But this one was plotting to overthrow her and take center stage. Doogie Howser in the back had his own ideas...

Then I checked out the disco rollerskaters...

This chick was way into it. She looked way good.

This chick was learning some moves from that guy.

Lawn sitters.

Roscoe's butt! Roscoe wanted to jump in the water but he didn't really want to jump in the water but he kind of wanted to.

These gondola people were all proud of their gondolaness. The rowboat people shunned the gondalazzi.

Wedding photo. This italian guy photographer was saying, 'Ay people! Eez a beautiful day! You in Central Park! Let's see ze beeg smiles!'

Different wedding couple. He was holding up the back of her dress or grabbing her butt or something...

This chick set up a table writing haikus. People would come up and give her a topic and she'd type em up a haiku on an old typewriter.

Just kidding bout the magician before. Twas a tumbler caught midflight.

I missed the big jump photo by prematurely clicking. A split-second later he did a front flip over these people.

This jazz trio stayed off the beaten path...

Another trio in the corner doing their thing. The guy in the back looks like he's about to take violist hostage...

This guitar guy was singing to a pretty lazy crowd. Roscoe and I sat through a song. Here's two video  clips for your listening pleasarcity maybe! (At the very least, see Roscoe eating grass like a dope!)

Wish I coulda found this one...

Back at home the people were having dinner on the roof. Seemed like sort of a hassle but coolio anyway...

That's it!

ok bye!