Spidey Night Yawner

So they filmed a scene for Spiderman 3 in my neighborhood last night!

For the past few days there's been flyers everywhere announcing they're closing streets and all that. There was even no parking on one side of my very own street! I imagined Spiderman crawling up the side of my building and waving at me and Roscoe through my bedroom window. That sort of didn't happen at all. The lady sitting in the lawnchair outside said that my street was just for 'landing'. Which meant trucks parking or whatever. But whatever! I was psyched to see a movie that I'm really psyched being done up in my neighborhood..

So yesterday I walked around during the day with my camera and took some pictures of stuff:

There were tons of these buckets of wires and crap all around. And big bellied guys poking around in em doing stuff and stuff.

And giant lights like these hanging out on street corners like big alien robot bugs..

Weird stuff like this water truck. (Found out later it's for making the street wet. I guess that's a thing in movies.)

I saw there was alot of activity by my local movie theater so I went to check it out.

They changed the whole sign! That used to say Cobble Hill Cinema. This movie sign is so much nicer than the original I wondered if they'll just change the name of the whole dang theater just to keep their new coolio sign!

But actual filming wasn't starting till night time so Roscoe and me headed home till later in the eve..

... there were these big cranes everywhere with lights.

Check out the real movie camera and dude sitting there! But he wasn't Sam Raimi....

And there were crowds of people packed behind barricades. Everyone was all psyched up. The crew nerds kept yelling at us to stop taking flash pictures. (so alot of the pictures came out all blurry).

See that guy with the blue shirt and jeans with the coke can! Yup! Seabiscuit himself! Tobey McSpider!

There's Tobey McBiscuit again with his back to the camera.

And that's him behind a thing (93% sure of that!) I was sort of bummed to see him in his regular ol' Peter Parker outfit. That meant it wouldn't be a Spiderman scene. No flying through the streets of Brooklyn. Just maybe a makeout between him and Cheryl Beth or whatever his girlfriends name is.

So we waited for something to happen....

And waited....

And Roscoe got bored and pretended to be a bearskin rug. Which isn't too bright in a big crowd.

That smoke stack was fake. There was fake smoke everywhere. I stared at that for a while.

And we waited some more...

Then some activity started up! A light went on! We got all psyched up! They reminded the crowd to not take flash pictures again and to back up behind the barricades again.

Lights, Camera......ACTION!

ACTION TIME! See that yellow cab? It DROVE up the block slowly! Totally! Up the whole block! Then..... CUT! And umm... it backed down the street and parked where it was.

After all that time that's all that happened!

Here's the movie cab! Waiting for "action" again!

And that was kind of it. Then I was officially bored. It took em over an hour to film the cab driving down the friggin street! And that was just a 'rehearsal'. No wonder movies cost a bazillion dollars. 10 blocks blocked off. 50 trucks everywhere. Hundreds of people working around the place. Giant lights. Street permits. Changing storefronts. And a cab drives down a street. To be honest, after seeing all the gear that was all over the place I'm surprised movies don't cost $500 million dollars. There was crazy amounts of stuff everywhere.

But it seemed like nothing was going to happen again for a long time again. I guess that's how big movies get made. By doing nothing 99% of the time. So me and Roscoe headed home. He was pissed that he wasn't gonna be an extra so he lost interest anyway.

We walked past this 'Open 24 Hours' deli which is a total lie. That places closes at like 11PM every night ! Liars!

And I saw that shadow tracer traced another shadow in front of my building. Always nice to see a shadow tracer trace.

That's the shebang! This morning things were returning to 'normal'. Yeah, after all the mechanical hype it might have been snoozy to watch big budget movie being movied along inch by inch---

But I'm way psyched to see Spidey 3 when it comes out in that theater (even though the seats don't rock)...

ok bye!