Homing in on my Stupid Cordless Phone

So every morning I almost never know where my cordless phone is. I know I should put it on the hook to charge to avoid having to use my stupid rotary phone but I usually forget. So I have to go and hit the 'page' button on the homebase thing and go hunting for it when it starts to beep. The problem with my stupid Radio Shack phone is it only beeps three times. So I have to be quick. So first thing in the morning (10ish) in my robe and unshaven I walk up to the homebase thing which sits by the window and do this... one... two... three!... thing and then hit the button. (Beep) I go running into the middle room. (Beep) Sounds like it's in the bedroom! (Beep) No no! the middle room the middle room! And in when looking for it my arms are in the air for some reason (to help me hear?) and I look around the room like crazy fast like a rabbit. Then when I realize I can't find it, I walk back to the homebase thing all angry and do it again. One two three! Run into the other room! Arms in the air! Look around like crazy! Throw a shirt or flibble flop my blanket in my bed! Then walk back and do it again. And again. The acoustics in my apartment are apparently awful because the beeping bounces off every wall it seems. So annoying.

The thing that I wondered about is... what might my neighbors think? They can pretty much see into my apartment. And see me go right up to the window all angry. And then dash away running with my arms in the air. Semi-wreck the other room. Then walk back to the window angry. Stand there for a second. Then run off again. If I was them I might be a little nervous..

And hey Radio Shack! How bout splurging on a few extra beeps next time!? Whaddaya think guys?

ok bye!