Change Jar Jackpot

So anyway I play coin basketball with my change when I get home after being out. I take whatever change is in my pocket and I shoot it coin by coin in my change jar which sits on my radiator across the room. Really more a fish bowl than a jar but "change fish bowl" doesn't sound right. Anyway, I stand like I'm at a foul line and take shots. I've gotten pretty good at it. I usually go like 4 for 5 or whatever then pick up the one or two misses on the ground and slam dunk them.

Here's a picture of where the change jar used to sit. I put my fishbowl of matchbooks where the change bowl used to be so so you can see what I'm talking about:

(By the way, I bought that electric fan next to it in some junk store a while ago for $10. The guy who sold it to me said, 'It runs so quiet you can't even tell it's on'. And he bragged about how "they really knew how to make fans back then". So I buy it because it looked cool and I needed a fan. Pretty psyched about it. I get it home and plug it in... and the thing works fine but its louder than a friggin vacuum cleaner! It's like a jet engine! WAAAAAAAARRRRR! Friggin deafening. But it sits there because I think it looks cool. Moral to the story: Don't be a gullible dope.)

Anyway, my old change jar had a decent sized crack in it for a while. I put some packing tape over the crack and forgot about it. (Here's a picture from a contest a couple years ago.) The other day I came home and started my coin shooting. I had like three quarters, a nickel, and a few pennies. Swish. Swish. Swish. I was on a roll. Perfect arcs. Three in a row. I got a little cocky with my fourth shot (a quarter) and I kind of line-drive threw it <zing> and whizzed the quarter straight into the jar <swish>-- that cracked the quarter hard against the inside back of the bowl <crack>-- which friggin smashed out a hole in the back of the glass the size of an orange! <BOOM!>! Doh! And the hole was half below the 'water' line so coins started pouring out the back of the change jar all down behind my radiator. It totally sounded like a slot machine pay out! Coin after coin tumbling one after another out the hole in my change jar. Clink clink clinkclinkclink Clinkclink clink. Dohdohdoh! Doh! Doh!

My reflexes failed me once again as I just stood there for a good ten seconds adding up what the hell just happened. Finally I snapped to and picked up the bowl and leaned it toward me keeping more change from all spilling out.

Here's my payout:

What a friggin pain in the ass totally! Shet! That's a good chunk of change back there! I guess I gotta get in there with a broom or something and sweep it out...

And today I gotta go to the pet store and get me a new bowl because this temporary 'change cup' just ain't gonna cut it for future foul shots. (Too much splash out possibilities... if you know what I mean.)

We'll do another 'Guess the Amount' contestamundo soon too...

ok bye!