The Laundry Lounge Affair

So every couple weeks I bring my laundry out to this little place right on my street that does umm... laundry. (There is no washing machine in my building. I've tried doing my laundry myself but I'd screw it up or forget it's there while it's drying or whatever, plus I'm lazy and a jerk). Anyway, I'm friendly with the lady there and she loves Roscoe and gives him treats and water when I stop in. When I finally get around to bringing in my laundry I'm pretty much out of stuff to wear so I usually end up dragging in like a 40lb sack while dressed in my bad shorts with the hole in the crotch and a smelly stained t-shirt that I picked up off the floor. (Hello, ladies <wink>). It takes laundry lady a day or two to get the laundry done.

Anyway, once in a while I'll clean my apartment on Sunday and decide I want my laundry outta here. Regular laundry lady is closed on Sundays so I'll bring my laundry to the place that's further up the street. It's called the 'Laundry Lounge' and they can do the laundry in like 4-5 hours and they stay open later. It's like a bigger operation and on the main street. This Sunday, I brought my laundry there... but didn't remember to pick it up on the same day.

Yesterday I finally swing by Laundry Lounge to get my laundry but realize I'm gonna haveta to walk right past regular laundry lady's place while carrying my big sack of clean clothes from Laundry Lounge. I thought about the idea of actually going all the way around the block and coming up the other way to avoid getting 'caught'. But then I felt that was stupid. Plus it's 40lbs! And it's not like I don't have the right to bring my clothes somewhere else! I can do what I want! I give her a ton of business so whatever! A one time outing somewhere else is no biggie! I throw the sack over my shoulder like Santa and go walking (quickly) down my street hoping that she'll be in the back when I pass by the big window to her store.

Of course, as I walk by she's basically like standing right in the doorway. So busted! She doesn't really say hello. She just kind of waved at me and half-smiled sorta concerned and I said a friendly 'hi' back. It was definitely awkward. A side of me wanted to explain that this was just a rare Sunday fling with Laundry Lounge and she's the only one for me... but I felt like me making up excuses would be like me coming home with lipstick on my collar and mumbling some explanation how it got there. When I got home I definitely felt like I was a laundry cheater and guilty. (I know this is an overreaction but she's so nice to Roscoe and all that.)

So later that day I took all the extra laundry I could find around here. My comforter cover, mattress cover, sheets, pillowcases, couple towels or whatever and packed up the biggest bag of stuff I could find and brought it down there to show I was still loyal. She seemed happy about that. And I think we're ok now. (Even though I gotta admit...  I did really like how the Laundry Lounge put my socks and underwear in a separate plastic bag all nice nice like).

ok bye!