Lightning Strike Strucked

So yesterday it was raining on and off and during an off I decided to take Roscoe out for a walk.Of course as soon as we headed out it starts raining extra hard. But I don't really mind walking in the rain. I kind of like it. Roscoe doesn't even seem to notice it's raining at all. Anyway, we were a couple blocks away from my apartment when some lightning started booming around. I didn't mind that either. I'm a big fan of lightning and thunder. Roscoe is unphased by it which is nice too. So we're strolling around enjoying it but I started to notice that the lighting was getting louder. And more frequent. And the rain was coming down a little too hard. To the point where I just bagged the umbrella. Then there was some more lightning. And some more. And some more. In under a minute there was like four or five blastingly crackily booms. So super loud. I don't remember seeing anything like it since I was a kid.

We walk quickly along the block next to some dude who's pushing a stroller and give each other the 'holy shit can you believe this shit?! look. More crackingly. More booms. I look up and see a blazing bolt of lighting that seemed to come down like a block or two away. The rain was coming down so hard I could barely see. It was crazy out. Then all of a sudden I hear a sizzling crackling noise then I just saw a white flash as a super loud BANG! blasted.  I'm not sure how close it was but I could feel it in my bones. It was realllly close. It was so loud! It set off car alarms on the street (and the car alarm in my head). I looked over at the guy with the stroller and he looked way nervous. He said, 'That was really close... Right?' I was like, 'Yah....' I looked at Roscoe and he was sniffing a leaf. Unphased still. WTF?

Then there was more crackling and more lightning. And more. The guy took off running pushing his stroller off into the mist. And for the first time in a very very long time... I was straight out real-life scared. I flipped through the old science book in my head to find out what I should do. Stand under a tree? No! Get away from the trees! Right? Wait. Stand near a wall? No! Get under a car? Which was it? My years of C minuses caught up with me again-- so I just friggin took off running to get home.

I felt like I was in a war movie as more booms went off all around us and I jumped puddles literally running home. I stumbled up the stairs and jangled my keys in the lock as another crash came down which sounded way too close. I was freaking out jittery. Finally I got the key in the door and got inside. My heart was babooming. It was sooo good to be inside. When I got upstairs and looked out the window there was so much lightning going on it seemed strobe-ey.

Anyway, after five minutes or so it started to calm down and I heard the storm travel off into the distance. I wondered how close I was to getting struck by lighting and felt like maybe I was overreacting. But something tells me that it was pretty way dang close--- because cellphone is now broken. Like fried out. It refuses to charge and it keeps shutting off by itself after a minute or so even though it's got two bars. Totally weirdly electrically broken.

Yeah, maybe it was just the rain that got in there and broke it... but I'm thinking maybe not. Considering how loud that lightning strike was and how tingly my nerves were---  I'm thinking Zeus owes me a new friggin cellphone.

ok bye!