Pathetic AOL Robot Calls

Ok. A while ago I posted something about how I'm constantly getting calls for someone named Victoria. For the most part I've been able to have most of the collection places stop calling me by telling them they need to take me off their call list. There's one place that refuses to get that message. AOL.

Literally every single day I get multiple calls from AOL people looking for Victoria or phone robots telling me to call them back because they have an 'important message' for me. The robot makes it sound like I won some kind of contest. For a while I didn't call them back but I'm so desperate to be removed from their call list that lately I've been calling back just to tell them to stop calling.

I've told them at least over 10x that I don't know Victoria and they always say they're gonna take me off the call list and they never do. And the next day at like 8:15 in the AM it's like ring ring and it's the AOL robot wakeup call. Or 7PM at night. Ring ring from the robot. When I call back some of the conversations have been outrageous. Like accusatory at me as if Victoria is in the other room waving her arms silently mouthing to me that she no longer lives here. When they get rude and treat me like a liar I immediately fess up and them I actually do know Victoria is and I give them the number of a local business that is a secret arch-enemy of mine. Story for another day. But hopefully their number will burn into the system somehow.

My question is, 'How much money could Victoria possibly owe AOL to warrant dozens of phone calls funneled through some rickety collections system? Is AOL really so messed up that they're going nuts tracking down one person who probably owes $50? Acting like some kind of junior high schoolyard bookie? Is finding all the secret Victorias somehow going to magically turn the company around? Is that company so backwards that not even their collection agency functions properly? I hate to kick a company when it's down... but they're friggin annoying the f out of me right now..

So for now on I'll be recording the phonecalls and posting them here. Starting with this one (I'll try to make them more exciting in the future but check out the blazing internet superhighway speed on this call....)

(And yes, I realize that now that I'm excited to get and record the phonecalls... they're definitely finally going to stop. So it's sort of win winnish... except for AOL.)

ok bye!