Can I Wear Plastic Clogs?

So lately all over town on dudes and chicks and kids I've noticed there are these plastic shoes stomping around all over.

They look like this:

Now I have major issues with shoes because my big feet are super flat (no arches) and I wear out shoes crazy fast like on a slant going inwards and before I know it my flip flops or whatever hurt my feet and back. Flip flops last maybe one summer max. My current ones are pretty much burnt out and. So when I saw these cloggy shoes and people walking around looking all puffed up by their feet I started thinking about them. They gotta be crazy comfortable because I think they look super silly. But I'm all about comfort first so I started thinking... Maybe I can wear them too?

Here's the deal. Let's say they're the most comfortable shoes in the world. Can I really walk around with things on my feet that look like that? Aren't they crazy dorked? Plus trendy which is even worse? And even if I got em what color would be right for me? Red? Green? Bright blue? Even if my feet were totally relaxed wouldn't I be all tensed up nervous when everyone I pass by looks at my feet? Do chicks dig guys in shoes that look like this? Doubt it. Right? How could I not be self-conscious about them?

Keep in mind that I have size 13 feet so these things will look like scuba flippers probably. But I do want to buy some new easy shoes (I don't like shoes with laces because I'm lazy). And maybe these might be super comfortable and I should screw what people think? So what do you think?

Plastic Clogs
Should I get a pair of these plastic clogs?

Yeah! They're crazy comfortable!
No way, dude! Those are dorked!
Do what you want. I don't care about your stupid shoes!

ok bye!