The New Rebate Scam

I'm a sucker when it comes to rebates and I shouldn't be because like half the time I don't get the money. I'll either forget. Lose the piece of paper. Lose the receipt. Forget to mail it. Lose the envelope. Think I already did it but never did. Send it in lacking information. Throw out the box and find out that I needed the barcode. There's alot of things that I can do wrong and do wrong usually. People like me are rebate people's favorites.

Anyway, recently when I got my new cellphone I was determined to do it right because I'm angry at all cellphone companies in general so the last thing I'm gonna do is let them sucker me out of my hard-ly earned cash! This time it was Cingular. My rebate? $50.

I made sure to do everything right and mail it in on time with all info etc. Two months later I get my rebate in the mail.

Here it is:

I'm like, 'Hmm... what's this? A credit card?' (Forgive me if this type of rebate has been going on for years. This is the first rebate in a long time that I did right).

At first I thought it was coolio! But then the more I got into it, the more I realized this is a very low level scam. My first thought was, 'How is sending a credit card this way easier than just cutting a check?? Seems like more of a hassle for them. No?' And then I realized why this is better for Cingular.

Here's a quick list off the top of my head:

1. The card expires 1/07 which is cutting it pretty close. Not even six months? Cheesy. They're betting dopes like me will not notice or forget.

2. It's got extra steps before you get your money. You gotta call up. Beep bop bope. And do the whole confirmation thing. Easily forgettable. When I first went online to place an order my card was declined because I didn't go through the activation crap. Pain in the ass..

3. The card is for $50 exactly which means if you go over dollarwise you need to use another card to make up the difference. Fine. But a pain. Plus this doesn't work that well with online sales. Because you can only charge one card. So you need to cut things as close to $50 as possible. I spent $49.21 at Amazon. So the .89 or whatever that's left on the card will most likely never be spent. Their profit.

4. On the back of the paper they say they can share info about your purchases. Unlike a check-- they can now collect your purchasing habits and sell it etc.

5. A check is just easier. Put it in your account boom done. Full $50 gone for them.

So I say, "FU Cingular for this scammy rebate crap!!" This is not a cash refund! This is a credit refund... available at all stores. And simply extra steps to keep lunkheads like me from spending my rebate! Well I spent it, bitches! Umm... minus the .89 cents or whatever. <cough> But whatever! I know you're schemes! I know your secret ways! And I see right through em!!... even as I fall for them!


ok bye!