Stranger Neighbors Cook

I have downstairs neighbors but I almost never see them. A guy and a girl. A couple. I don't really know their names but I bump into them in the hall from time to time. It's like, Hi how ya doing? good you? fine thanks. That's about it. I'm not sure if I'm not friendly or they're not friendly. We're just not friendly. It's a little strange because I live in like a brownstone and there's only three apartments in this building. Mine (top floor). Neighbors downstairs (second floor). And my landlord on the first floor. Sometimes I feel a bit strange that I'm not more friendly with the people downstairs. But then other days I think maybe if we became friends they'd want to hang out more than I'd want to hang out and it would be like ding dong on my door. 'Hey! Wanna watch Friends, dude?' Meanwhile I got a game of Castle Wolfenstein going and got a whole night of nothing planned out. It would be ruined. Maybe it's best to be at arms length.

The one thing that is a bit of a hook for the friendy friend thing is they cook. Alot. There is always like excellent smells coming out of their apartment. Like garlic type stuff or and spicy spice stuff. Their cooking smells fills the hall. The only smells coming out of my apartment are microwaved dinners and farts. So I can see why they might not want to hang out with me that much. But it does get upsetting after a while to walk up the stairs to my place past their super gourmet smell and stare into my fridge trying to figure out what the best combination of foods is with what's left.

I think sometimes that I should knock on the door and get friendly and maybe get me some good eats. Maybe they're nice people with interesting things going on and whatever. How close are people supposed to be with their neighbors? Maybe I'm the one who is unfriendly. It's hard to tell. Maybe I should be a little more outgoing or whatever. After all, we're neighbors!

But somehow I think me knocking on the door all dressed in sweatpants and unshaved and be all like, 'Ay! How ya doin? Something smells good in here! Whatcha cooking?' would be a nightmare for them. Wouldn't it? I think it would be for me if I was them and they were me.

ok bye!