Memory Trigger from Deng Dairy #63

So Mr. Deng sent in a new dairy today with photos he took of some woman going mental on the street and it reminded me when I did something similar.

Back in the day, I went away for Spring Break to the Bahamas with some friends. It was one of those college 'Club ABC' goonball $699! trip packages or something like that. Anyway, we headed out on some booze cruise thing and got all banged up drunk stupid. Drinking rum and snorkeling all day. Some dude puked in the water. I remember thinking it would be cool if he puked through his snorkel.

Anyway, we're heading back to the hotel and up ahead there's a small curbside crowd and cop car with the lights on. So we head up to join in on the gawking. Apparently some dude was way too drunk and totally out of control. He was yelling at the local cops and telling them they can't tell him what to do. Talking bout how he's an American and all that. And saying racist crap. The wife of the guy and their two friends were trying to calm him down but that was making him more mental.

Our small crowd started to shout out at the guy to shut the hell up and just go home. The cops were being cool about it sort of just talking calmly to the guy but he was raging. His wife was grabbing at him but he was just a drunk dick. So we're standing there watching when I hear the disposable camera in my hand calling out to me. 'Psst... clicky click? Yes?' The crowd was shouting, the guy was shouting, the wife was shouting and I decide to go for it. I hold up the camera and click it.

Somehow it seemed the click noise clicked just at the perfect lull moment during the hubbub. It was like everything was quiet for a split second just to make room for this deafening click. It sounded like the click noise went off in slow-mo. The wife heard it and she turned at me with buggy fire eyes.

She ran up to me and smacked me in the head twice (literally physically hit me!) accompanied with the questions, "Why the f--k are you taking pictures!?" and "Why the f--k are you taking pictures, a--hole!?" She was totally in my face. I look over her shoulder and see the drunk husband looking at me and starting to add things up. A friend of mine grabbed me and said, 'Dude, just get out of here. Just go.. go now.' So I got the hell out of there and ran back to the hotel.

When I got the pictures developed I was psyched to see the photo. I pick em up at photomat and went through all my vacation photos looking for the one stupid shot... but it wasn't in there! I asked the photomat guy if there were any other photos and described the one I was looking for. He said, 'Yeah... that one came out too dark..." I was like, 'I don't care! I want to see it!' So he fished it out of the trash. It didn't turn out to be a great photo or anything.... but here it is! I found it in my old box of photos! Check it on out!

ok bye!