Missing Shelley Duvalls

So last night I was in a bar and on all the flatscreens they were showing The Shining. That movie is so good you can watch it with the friggin sound off. So I'm of course staring at it all night and trying to be social and all that.

Anyway, I was looking at Shelley Duvall and I realized something.

I know she has that unique Olive Oyl look going on... but she is perfect in this movie. And I know this has been said a million times over (I know) but I want my actresses to stop looking so friggin amazing looking in movies! Especially horror! Let's bring back the more normal looking people instead of those beautiful circus freaks! I'm sick of them! Like if this movie was made today would it even be possible to cast Shelley Duvall? Totally not! It would be an Kate Hawn or Scarlett Johannesburg or something, right? How much would that suck? Who needs that?

It's enough with beautiful chicks in my scary movies! Maybe the reason horror movies suck so bad lately isn't only because they suck so bad! It's because the reality is gone! Everyone looks so good except for the people who are supposed to look bad! And when a great looking model screams it's her being an "actress". When Shelley screams it's that character freaking out because someone is chopping through the door and she's frickin freaking out! Sorry if you're 100% beautiful I'm just not buying it as much. Sure maybe this is beautydiscrimination or whatever but I think it's true in horror...

When it comes down to it I just want more Shelley Duvalls in my horror movies. In all movies. More interesting faces. More real. It's so much easier to believe in a character when they're normal looking without having to wade past their stupid great looks. Shelley Duvall was a wife Scarlett Johnson can never be.  If you want a wife to be flipping out about getting murdered soon... let me believe she's a real person first so I can get in her corner...

ok bye!