Still An Hour Ahead

The only clocks that are correct in my apartment right now are on my computer and my cable box. Because  when daylight savings happens they magically do it by themselves. Other than that all clocks are still an hour ahead. I guess it's been about a week since the time changed but for some reason I refuse to spend 5 minutes going around my apartment changing the clocks. I'll head into the kitchen. Two clocks there. Both wrong. One on the wall and one microwave. In my computer room there are a whole bunch of clocks. Clock radio, clock radio on the floor, VCR, DVD and a watch. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. In my bedroom there's another clock and a watch. Wronged.

Today I decided to self-analyze why it always takes me forever to change the clocks. Here's what I came up with:

1. If I decide to change one clock I'll feel like I need to change all the clocks--  and if I don't want to take the time to change all the clocks then I should hold off on any clock till I can do em all.

2. I secretly resent the hassle that comes along with daylight savings. Like, if the planet can't keep time properly then they should fix the whatever dopey glitch is messing up the spacetime continuum. Fix it for good so we don't have to go through this hassle twice a year just to keep up! Why is it my problem?!

3. Addressing the clock changing situation opens up a world of projects that are associated with the clocks. My microwave clock (microwave needs to be cleaned). The kitchen clock on the wall (that clock is hanging on a loose nail. might not survive another on off situation.). My DVD player clock (DVD has never been hooked up properly to the TV). The clock on the floor (bending down then standing back up).

4. There are other small projects completely unrelated to clock changing that seem to be a priority projectwise. And the priority projects take priority. Like shouldn't taking out the garbage come before changing the clocks?

5. There's something nice about looking at a clock and being tricked into thinking you're an hour late when you're not. It's like a mini-phew. My memory is bad enough that I fall for this all day long and I secretly like it.

6. I think maybe I can wait it out till time goes back up again and the clocks will all fix themselves by doing nothing.

In any case, I think the responsible thing to do would be for me to just start changing those clocks! Who has the correct time on all his things! And stop playing mental games with the time of day! And I will! First thing in the morning! At 10:00AM! One of the two!

ok bye!


OT PS. Hey fellow nerds... Does the new Internet Explorer suck or what? I mean wtf with hiding favorites and having stuff all over to the side... and where's the refresh button and why do fonts look weird!? What's wrong with them!... back to firefox...