Happy 5th Anniversary to this Website!

What's a 5th anniversary? A Wood Anniversary? Or is it salad? Cereal? Saladcereal? Something like that?

It feels weirdly long time/time flies that this week marks the 5th year I've been doing this stuff here. Five years might come as a surprise to people who email me saying they've been visiting since like 1998 but it launched in November in 2001 (back when I was a worried laid-off bizdev dogless guy mumbling and scribbling in his overpriced manhattan apartment). Back when the site looked like this (flashback for old schoolers).

I'm very smiley and even more surprised that I've been able to cobble together some sort of living that keeps me doing what I do here. Knowing me I'd woulda bet I woulda messed this up a long time ago easy 2x quick. But here I am typing this! Since the start there's been over 1800 daily facts learned from tv and 595 what's happenings and over 50 cartoons and games and of course extras stuff aplenty. I'm sorry things have been a little slow for the past bunch of months. I guess after doing all dem Motherload toons then going right into the whole movie script thing I got a little brain fried and couch crashy. The good news is I'm feeling all rejuviniiffied and sugared on up!

I've said this before and I mean it still. There will never be a time that you will log onto oddtodd.com and it will not be here. There might be some lazy gaps inbetween stuff and things will change and weird side projects will pull me around-- but this place will always continue to evolve and revolve or devolve and pre-volve. And I'll do my best to keep it interesting and coolio. This site is a part of me now for good. And even if there's only 5 people logging on here I'll keep updating in one way or another...

So I just want to thank you all for all the kind words and emails and letters and support and for showing up here and sticking with this place. I know it's ebby and flowy but that's just the way I am. I've really pushed myself to be consistent-- but that becomes work and it always backfires with good reason. So I'm accepting being consistently inconsistent as a constant. That's me.

Anyway, so what can you expect coming soon?

Well, there is a cartoon and two games in the works. One with the glorious AE4RV.com and one with a great flashy flash designer out there who's doing some amazing stuff. (Both involve Mep. Of course. It's in his contract).

ABC News people seem happy with me doing toons for them so I'm expecting to do one every couple of months that should be fun. Thanks to ABC people and Robert Krulwich for being coolio and having fun with stuff and helping keep my lights on.

I blabbed earlier this year about how Paramount bought a movie script based around an unemployed guy who locks himself out of his apartment. Where's that at? When is it coming to theaters? I can't really say because I don't really know. I can tell you it's officially not in production yet. I'm getting the feeling the movie business is like a slot machine. You put your quarters in and the wheels spin and you stare and clap your hands together like a grinning monkey and wait for the bells to go off. So far the pulls haven't added up to BAR BAR BAR.... but there are still quarters in the cup... and you never know.

And something new and strange and coolio happened! Umm... well... One of the biggie tv networks asked me to write a half-hour sitcom type pilot that centers around a 30-something bachelor guy who lives out in Brooklyn! I know it's a (cough) real stretch. One of the appealing thing for them is the idea that (if the tv slot machine goes bar bar bar) plots and stuff can be pulled from the What's Happenings you've been reading about right here all these years! I think he might even have a dog! Coolio! I'll try to not screw it up! It's a long shot (honestly) that it'll ever turn into anything real- but it's exciting! Big thanks to them totally! I gotta turn it in the scriptoid within the next couple months or I don't get paid-- so I guess I should like... umm... start? Or something?

So all is welly welly well. Thanks again for being there and for reading and looking at stuff and popping in and tolerating my flakiness and all that. And for all the everything extra...

Bestest of good vibes to y'all! I'll of course let you know how things go as they go... and (sort of unbelievably) after five years in one way or another--  they're still going. Still not sure where tho... which is the way I like it! (often!)

ok bye!