Mail Mess

Hi Ya'll-

So I'm still having problems with my mail. Luckily this is not affecting my Odd Todd PO Box mail thanks to the great Mrs. Spears over at the Varick Street post office.

Here's the deal. Apparently my regular mail is being forwarded from the old Manhattan post office to the Brooklyn post office but it's getting completely lost somewhere along the way. I call the Manhattan post office and they say they sent everything to Brooklyn. I call the Brooklyn office and they say I need to talk to the Manhattan post office cause they're not receiving the mail..

Anyway today the only thing I received in the mail was a Time magazine that is three weeks old that looked like it had been sitting in a puddle then dried out then peed on and then dragged behind a car. That was the only thing in my mailbox. I've received about a dozen forwarded letters in four weeks total. I'm sure I'm behind in everything.

So I decided to head down to the Brooklyn post office to maybe use this magazine as a clue. Perhaps there are puddles to check somewhere in or around the post office? Maybe my mail is in one of these storage puddles. I waited in line and went up to a window and explained the situation. I was told I needed to speak with a carrier supervisor. They paged someone and I spent the next half-hour reading the posters all over the post office. I saw what suspicious packages look like. I saw what criminals look like. I saw there is a food drive going on. What I didn't see was a carrier supervisor. I kept asking. They kept asking around. Nobody knew where this person was. I just left.

The truth of the matter is I'm not mad at the postal workers. I noticed the environment they have to work in is completely bad news and outdated. Old broken chairs. Dingy offices. Seemingly complete disorganization. Old phone systems. (I saw a friggin rotary phone!) Boxes of stuff piled up everywhere. Dirty. It doesn't look like one cent was put into this post office since 1950. No wonder nobody can find my mail..

The post office lost two billion dollars last year or something like that. I think if they took just a bit of time to fix up these places money wouldn't be flying out of the windows, postal workers would get a much needed mental refresh and maybe someone could find out where the hell my frickin mail is. 

But I'll tell ya.. it's nice getting a break from all the bills.

Ok Bye


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