Who's Buying the Other DVDs?

Ok. I don't have a big dvd collection. Maybe 10 DVDs total. Fight Club, Big Lebowski, Texas Chainsaw etc... I buy stuff I feel like I can watch more than 10x easy. I never felt the need to own dvds in the same way I buy books or cds-- but I do understand why people want em. They're nice to have around. If you have a cool tv with super sound or whatever-- its part of the dealio. Owning kids movies or old movies or a Lord of the Rings boxed set or Star Wars or tv shows like Lost or 24 on dvd or whatever. I get it. And an impressive 'library' of movies looks coolio. To each their own.

But what I don't get is who's buying the other dvds. Like today I was flipping through a magazine and saw that So Notorious (the tori spelling show that was on VH1) is out on dvd. Does anyone on the planet feel the need to own So Notorious on dvd? (no offense if you do. i haven't seen the show) And movies like Mona Lisa Smile, Jersey Girl, and Adventures of Pluto Nash are all on dvd. Has someone somewhere actually bought Pluto Nash for $14.99? Is there someone who needs that movie that much? (no offense if you do. i haven't seen the movie) I know video stores like Blockbuster buy up alot of em- but they are for sale to consumers too. And people are supposed to buy them, right?

Seriously how many times can someone watch Road Rules (season 3)? And the recent movie Let's Go to Prison should be out on dvd in a week or so. Are people somewhere going to actually go buy it? Own it? Why? I get renting... but buying? Who?!?! Why! And how many copies do the movie or tv people put out on the consumer market? Thousands? Do they really sell thousands of So You Think You Can Dance dvds? If not... where do they all end up?

I guess I'm totally ignorant to the whole dvd business (and I probably sound like a big jerk) but they gotta be selling the other dvds somehow. I see em on the shelves for $16.99! Movies like Stealth and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigalow? TV Shows like Fear Factor or Celebrity Fit Club? People actually buy those? Don't get me wrong. I'm not a movie or tv snob. I'll watch practically anything if its put in front of my face. But so many dvds for sale seem like dvds no one would ever want or need... so umm... who's buying em?

ok bye!