Yawning for the Truth

So the other night I was talking to some girl in a bar. I was doing my best to be funny and smart all that and she seemed to be into talking to me and having fun and stuff. Seemed coolio. But after like 10 minutes of talking I totally caught her yawning with her mouth half-closed. The sideways mouth type hidden yawn with one finger as a blocker.

After she did that I started to suspect that maybe the 'fun' conversation might have been umm... one sided. I started thinking that if she was genuinely having fun or interested in talking to me she wouldn't have been capable of the yawn. Seeing the yawn sort of made me feel like I was maybe bugging her and the conversation didn't go much beyond that. Not sure if the conversation ended because she was genuinely bored or because my enthusiasm about our talking changed because of the yawn. But two minutes after the yawn we wandered away from each other.

Maybe it is unfair of me to put so much judgment in a single yawn. For all I know she slept two hours the night before and was just tired. Or always yawns when she's umm... excited? Or maybe she's just the type of person that yawns all the time. (But then again if she's the type of person that yawns all the time maybe that's some sort of red flag. Like maybe she's just bored all the time or something. Then again I guess yawning alot might be some kind of disorder. I'm sure there's a name for it. Like narcolepsy light or something.)

I guess I shouldn't have overanalyzed a single yawn. I might yawn sometimes when I'm not bored and having a good time-- but I don't think I do often-- well, if ever. I think for the most part when I yawn it's because I'm bored or spaced out or tired. I don't know. Sometimes a yawn just might be a meaningless yawn...

But if you yawned while reading this I probably would have to assume that you found this whole thing boring...

ok bye!