Pictures for the Week

Ok these pictures are sort of random and stuff. I planned to take more before putting up new ones-- but that didn't work out because I've been within a four block radius for like a week. Also I tried to take more pictures of actual people close up-- but I feel weird about it still....

Anyway, here we go!

This girl covered her ears when the subway went by. (Maybe if you're that ear sensitive you should sit further away from the track?)

Man in midtown. He sort of looked weird. Like an alien dressed up like a human. So I snuck up and clicked him.

Midtown crane over the crowd. I was scared of this thing and wouldn't stand under it. I'm always sure stuff like this will be collapsing any second.

The tree! The tree! It was a total mobscene. Like nuts. Like berserk. The tree! Lit with lights!

I was in my friends car driving through midtown for the next bunch of pics so they're a little blurry.

Just once I'd love to see that guy chuck that thing at a car and then throw the wreaths like frisbees and then climb the tree like King Kong. Like art imitating life imitating art or something.

I think that's the Cartier store. I don't remember. They always put a bow on it every year-- but this year they made it look like they were chucking big christmas luggage and crap out the window all stupid too.

Those rickshaw bicycles are everywhere now. I've never been in one. I realize those guys are just trying to make a living but it would feel weird for me to be riding around in the back without helping.

The crowds were crazy. I can't deal with stuff like that anymore. Too many shoulder bumps and shoe flat tires. Can you find Santa?

I went to go see Evil Dead the Musical with a friend of mine.

If you want you can order a seat in the first few rows. It's called 'The Splatter Zone' because toward the end of the show there is a very good chance you'll get blood splattered on you while Ash does his killings. They give out plastic ponchos to protect your clothes. Sort of like Gallagher but with blood. Great show!

We got splatter zone seats of course. First row. My friend got splattered in the face but good. Worst splattering of everyone. He said it burned his eyeball.

Other Evil Dead people right after the show ended. After I took this picture some chick who worked there scolded me for taking a picture.

Subway sleeper with some other subway person in some kind of subway sleeper hold. Not sure what was going on there.

Another subway sleeper. I don't know how people sleep on subways. I'd be scared I'd wake up in the dark in the subway car yard with a rat on my lap.

More subway people. I take these pictures holding my camera at my waist because I feel weird pointing a camera at some stranger.

I took this one with the camera on my knee-- but I think that guy caught me clicking. (BTW one year a few halloweens back on the way to a party without a costume and I bought a hard hat and a vest off a track worker for $30. He was psyched. I was psyched.

Christmas girl with Christmas hat getting Christmas tree from Christmas tree guy. (Or maybe it was the other way around.)

I wonder what dogs think about a good 10-15% of the day now. But I suspect if I got inside a dogs head I'd probably be disappointed in terms of the depth of thought.

ok bye!