Pictures for the Week

Hey! I was on my way to dog park yesterday in the friggin 70 degree heat (which I enjoyed guiltily. sorry future generations!) when a friend from dog park called me up and told me she was going to dog beach. I'd never been to dog beach. We went to dog beach! Out in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Ok, before you get a glamorous image of dogs running along a sandy beach.... this is dog beach.

I know the water looks kind of gross but kids swim in there in the summer. They clean up the beach in the summer.

Maybe next time we'll go to this pool. I don't know what that's about. It's called the Floating Pool Lady. (not in Red Hook. just an old pic)

Anyway, back to dog beach. Dudes launch kayaks from there.

There he goes. I decided I was definitely going to get a kayak and go kayaking. That idea lasted about a minute...

There was alot grass for the dogs to run around. Roscoe made friends.

Friends with this guy! There's Roscoe in the back checking out the graffiti.

Let's go this way! No! Over that way! Let's check out what's over there!

(dog thoughts) STICK! MINE!

Statue of Liberty. I've lived in New York my whole life and never actually been there.

Then this shipment came in from Saudi Arabia blocking the view of the statue...

Roscoe worn out. Some stinky wet dog got a serious got a bath when he got home...

Red Hook is a cool place. It's like old school waterfronty. Cool old trolley cars just hanging out and stuff.

Old creepy doors with monsters locked up inside.

In the middle of nowhere is this dudes coolio house. Not sure what the dilly there.

The battery died in my camera after I took this shot. Dint know it got cropped...

And that's that!

ok bye!