00's Ripped Jeans Cuffs

I don't know if it's me changing or jeans changing or nothing changing except me noticing something that never changed. But I'm finding that every pair of jeans I buy now get all ripped up in the same way in the same place. I walk on the back cuff of all my jeans until they look like this:

I know I could buy my jeans shorter but I think I am buying the right length. One step up would be highwatery or whatever. It seems to be something else. Some recent thing-- like over the past five years. Maybe it's because they're 'boot cut' whatever the hell that means. Or maybe my butt is different and it needs to be bigger to keep up the back. Maybe I'm slouching more. Or it's a side effect from me having a gut over the front of my pants? I dunno.

I don't really mind. I think it looks kinda coolio and when they finally rip off I'm happy because then I don't have to walk on them anymore. But in the 80's this didn't happen because I cuffed my jeans all tight against my ankle like a real 80's douche. And I don't think this really happened through the 90's (if it did, I never noticed for a whole decade which is possible because I was sort of out of it through the 90's). I really think this seems to be a new 00's thing with my jeans. At least for me.

I'm just hoping it's the change of the cut of the jeans and not a change in the way am or walk now or whatever somehow. I'm not a big fan of change as I get older. I've started peeing once during the night every night now recently. That's something new. One thing at a time please.

ok bye!