Groundhog Day Stunner

I always thought Groundhog Day was an extra coolio holiday. It's probably the most child-like holiday built for adults-- which I like. It's still amazing to me that years ago the town drunk staggered into Punxsutawney and babbled something about how a groundhog saw its shadow, and now it's going to be Spring soon or whatever crap it is. And the whoever the Mayor was at the time (some stoner) was like, 'No way! Awesome!' And banged his gavel on a coconut and pronounced it 'Groundhog Day'. True story.

Since then every year, Groundhog Day has been shoved in our faces-- like the town drunk staggered into the media currents forever. Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day... And then there was the movie Groundhog Day the movie. Guy living the same day over and over... everyday until he gets it right. Fine.

Well, yesterday I had my personal Groundhog Day type situation. Every year, year after year I've said, 'Happy Groundhog's Day!' to people. Whenever I mentioned the holiday it was 'Groundhog's Day'. With the apostrophe S. And last night I was out at a bar and wished people a Happy Groundhog's Day. Happy Groundhog's Day everyone! (<cough> dork!)

Anyway, a friend of mine chimed in pointing out to me that it wasn't Groundhog's Day. It was just Groundhog Day. I was like, 'Groundhog Day?' It's 'Groundhog's Day!' Like 'Father's Day' or whatever. I even thought the movie title was 'Groundhog's Day'! And I've seen that flick like 5x! We argued so I started asking people in the bar which was right.  Everyone knew it was Groundhog Day!!! No 'S! Really!? What! How did everyone know but me?

We discussed how Father's Day is Father's Day because we celebrate the Father. But Groundhog Day isn't about celebrating the Groundhog it's just a day around the thing or whatever. I was seriously stunned. My whole life it's been Groundhog's Day!! Right? Is it really just me?! Happy Groundhog Day sounds as wrong to me as saying Happy Father Day. My brain tells me otherwise! WTF! How'd I miss this year after year after year after year...after year....

At least, I'm finally getting it right though... Even though it still sounds wrong...

ok bye!