Mac-ovah's Witnesses

I'm starting to realize that within the next six months or so it'll probably be time for a new computer (again). My computer is slowing down and acting weird. I'm sure alot of that is my fault because I'm always installing weirdo programs or screwing around with stuff or whatever. And it's over a few years old. So when I finally start in to shop for a new computer I figure it'll be the same ol' process of surfing around and looking at this or that-- and trying to find a good deal. (not buying a Dell this time).

I've always been a PC guy and I gotta admit I am a little psyched for Vista (I saw it at my parents and it looked way coolio). But lately, whenever I bring it up the idea of a new computer to a group of people-- I've noticed that Mac people are coming on extra strong with the super hardsell on trying to convert me over to Mac. They are insistent on Mac superiority to the point where it feels slightly cultish and weird. And now more than ever it seems like more and more people are really making the change over to Mac. (Somehow I get the feeling those Mac/PC ads are doing an amazing job).

But here's my question. Mac people seem to be painting this rosey picture that Macs are super stable and problem free and la la land tech wise. I've never used a Mac on any long-term basis so I really have no idea if they're easier or more stable or better or whatever. I can't tell if the recent hardsell is because Mac people are getting extra brainwashed lately-- or is it really because Macs are better than PCs. (Not that I don't trust my friends with Macs... but yknow...) Yah I do animation but I heard Flash is better on PC than Mac... or was... because it's vector based...(aka runs on processing math not graphics).

Granted PCs will always have certain advantages like for gamers and new programs or whatever-- but if I get a new computer within the year-- should I really consider getting a Mac? Really? I feel like it's giving in-- in some weird way. It's been such a bum rush lately on the mac stuff that getting a Mac is starting to not feel like the 'alternative' thing to get. And standing by my old PC is feeling like a rebellious move of sorts...

So help me out here. If you are on Mac. Be honest. Post below. Do you have issues (honestly)? And if you've recently switched over... be honest... is it better over there? If you're a geek who knows his stuff... please post away. What the dilly.... yo?

ok bye!